Monday, November 25, 2013


When I told my husband that I was looking
for a new rug for our family room
he kind of gave me a dirty look
and said
"not another one!
How many are you going to buy for that room?"
I admit it.
My name is Nancy
and I have a thing for area rugs.
Among other things.
But you already knew that.
So his comment got me to thinking...
how many HAVE I gone through?
Its not my fault though.
When you have three little boys
who love to run
and play
and eat
and throw stuff
and let's face it -
when they're little
they spit up
and well,
things tend to get dirty
and carpets get stained.
And we all know I have OCD when it comes to cleaning.
Maybe you should start a list on my issues.
Clearly I have issues.
I counted five in the past five years.
That's bad right?
One was red, black, and floral.
I almost posted a picture but didn't want you to hold it against me.
Needless to say I think I was going for a camouflage effect
when they boys were little bitty...thinking the pattern would hide stains.
After that there were two plain sisals,
no three now that I think about it.
Each time I would buy a slightly larger one.
Not sure why I just didn't buy the size I needed from the start.
I think I was just working with what I had.
I bought this one for a steal from overstock
a few years ago after I made the pillows and hip chocolate floral drapes.

I scored it for $279 before they did a price hike to over $800.

This is where we are now...

but soon this rug (its 8 x 11) will be moved to my husband's office
and this neutral lovely will ground this room

I scored a 9 x 12 from Rugs USA
marked down from $697 to $209.
I'd been stalking this one from overstock
specifically a 10 x 14 but its been out of stock.
I wanted the size just not the price of $520.
So today I took a chance and ordered it...
its slightly smaller but half the price.
I think its a win - win
since you know nothing is static around here.
The hip chocolate and coral is on the way out
to make way for a more coastal vibe.
I'm considering navy blue slipcovers...more on that another day.
In the meantime if you need a new rug
be sure and look at their 70% off sale
at RUGS USA going on now.


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