Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I'm looking for a Christmas gift for my parents.
You might know how hard this is...
as in
what do you get for someone
who has everything
they need or want?
Any ideas?
I'm thinking photos of the grandkids.
Who wouldn't like that?
In looking for photo gift ideas
these caught my eye...

they're called
You know the ones I want...
<div class='center'>Maritime Adventure - Mixed Mat Set - Front</div><div class='actions thin center' style='padding:0px;margin:11px 0px 0px 0px'><a class='btn' href='/products/homedecor/framers/4302' style='margin-right:0px'>Choose Style</a></div>
These had me at navy and chevron.
If only they'd do a navy chevron :)
Best part?
these come with special adhesive stickers
that you can apply directly to the wall...
no frame needed.
Although I think I would
use these as mats with frames
but that's just me :)
And if you have any great ideas for grandparent gifts
 Leave a comment below pretty please :)

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  1. Nancy---I love your description of yourself on Pinterest and on this blog. I'm in the same boat ;)


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