Friday, November 1, 2013

musings on motherhood

I saw this quote today

and it made me think of being a parent...

Now if you are a parent you already know this...
and before you become a parent
everybody tries to tell you this
but until it happens to you
then there is really no way
 that you really "get" it until you're in it...
here it is...
Brace yourself...
Parenthood is hard.
Understatement of the year I know.
I remember saying that to a guy once...
our handy man actually.
"Super Mario" is my husband's nickname for him.
Super Mario was at the house one summer day
and all the kids were running around
probably acting crazy...
and he asked if I ever got a break.
I told him my husband was very helpful
but if they're awake and not in school
then they're with me.
And yes, I admitted
more often than not sometimes
I do feel like I'm going crazy
because its so flippin' hard...
the physical part,
the sleeplessness,
and now that they're growing older
the mentally challenging stuff is starting and
I feel ill-equipped at times to deal with it all.
 Super Mario threw me a pearl that day.
I'll never forget it.
He said:
"If you thought it was easy you wouldn't be doing it right."
Thank goodness - I must be doing SOMETHING right...
because to me it's anything but easy.
My husband and I joke that we won't really know
how we're doing as parents until they're thirty
and hopefully turn out to be productive adults.
Until then we're just adding our mistakes
to their list for future therapy sessions :)


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