Tuesday, November 12, 2013

no rest for the weary

I felt a little tingle in my throat yesterday.
It got progressively worse as the day wore on.
Especially when my youngest came home with his homework folder
and the assignment from last week that said
"you have two weeks to complete this"
turned into its really due tomorrow.
As in the porcupine costume I ordered
for said project won't arrive in time.
What's a girl to do?
I emailed some of my crafty girlfriends.
After a little breakdown on my part
and a little brainstorming on their part
this is what we came up with...
That is a colander.
With zip ties I've been hoarding saving for years in my junk drawer.
Just in case you know.
Thank goodness I hadn't made it that far with my
fall "40 bags in 40 days" cleanup I'm attempting.
Today I feel like dirt.
I'll be dreaming of laying down and resting
but there's no rest for the weary in this house.
I'm off to the craft store to buy some spray paint for the "hat"
and  to see if I can find some fur and spiky material
to duct tape to any brown clothes we have
that will fit the guy above.
Any suggestions on how to look more "porcupine"
let me know.
Or if you want to bring me some chicken soup.

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