Wednesday, November 20, 2013

pretty prints

I've always loved pretty prints.
Especially landscapes and botanicals.
Even before I became addicted to DIY
I would buy calendars
then cut them up
to frame the pictures
for easy and affordable art.
I did it with an Anne Geddes calendar with pictures
of baby twins when we had ours.
I'd show you but the only picture of the nursery
includes me proudly baring my swollen seventh month belly
(if I told you I was measuring beyond 40 weeks
by about my 26th week of pregnancy
then you might understand why I'm not posting it.
I'm surprised I didn't explode :) }
Needless to say
some things should not be shared on the net.

Back to the story...
I've used books, calendars,
even greeting cards for wall art.
I have a sweet card that a great aunt sent to me...
remember the days when people actually wrote to each other?
On the cover is a beautiful rose
and inside is a note in my Aunt Frances'
beautifully delicate handwriting.
That card is now framed in a beautiful gold frame
and I think of her whenever I see it.

A year or two ago I scored a box of Audubon bird prints
on clearance from barnes and noble.
I wanted to do something like this...

Very chic black and white bathroom via Mix and Chic!
via mix and
The only thing preventing me from doing this project
is a lack of wall space.
Well, that and the fact that I'm loving on
beachy décor like shells and coral.
I'm waiting on the birds for now
and instead intend
to move some of our art work around
to make room for something like this

Bungalow Blue Interiors - Home - DIY: grid gallery wall
via bungalow blue interiors

My plan was to use this book

and tear it apart to frame the pages individually.
I noticed it online first but thought
I could just run around the corner to my local B&N.
Of course it wasn't available at my store.
And then of course it is
no longer available on their site.
Although I've since found it on amazon
where the price was quadrupled.
So I put the project on hold
because I was irritated
that my own procrastination
cost me a sweet DIY deal.
I know.
I'm not right. 
Never fear - with some things
I am like a bulldog with a bone.
 You may remember that I've posted before
about the awesome website
you can find images of everything
you heart desires for decorating
like these little beauties...
Animal – Sea shell 3 | Vintage Printable
and this
Animal - Crustaceans and related - Blue crab

Pretty sweet huh?

 Recently I stumbled on another
FANTASTIC treasure trove...
a flickr website called
where you can download pictures for
projects like the one I have in mind.
{each picture gives info on what you can download...
so to clarify all these beautiful images you see below
are from the Biodiversity Heritage Library
except where other sources are noted}
I'm obviously in love with shells and coral
since that's the vibe I'm going for in our family room reno...
but you can search for anything in their vast library
{it just takes a little time to figure it out...
or at least it did me
but then you know that
I consider myself technically challenged}
I was reminded of this picture I'd long ago pinned...
raenovate: mapped out media room


when I saw this on BHL...
and I sent the link to a bunch of these

to my peep Kelly
whose sons are into fishing 
because how awesome would a couple of
these be in their rooms?

And this
reminded me of Lauren Leiss' work
 I could go on and on but I think you get my point.
This site is beyond beautiful especially with their botanicals
and they even have Audubon plates...
{including some of the ones in the set I bought}
those are my absolute favorites!
Definitely check out the Biodiversity Heritage Library
Its a recent find that I am oh so thankful for.


  1. OK how does this work? I love the site and they have tons of prints that I would use, but my printer never prints true colors, and what paper would you print on? I am afraid I am too picky to like what would come out of my printer. When you print one, does it print the "old antique" finish on the new paper?

    I am definitely going to have to explore this site some more....THANK YOU! Great resource!!!! I have been stalking ebay for some Redoute botanicals to frame. This may work out better!

  2. BAAAAH! Still processing all of this amazingness--let me go gather myself and then I will leave a more sophisticated comment!

  3. OK. Somewhat gathered over here:

    I love botanical prints--especially the Audubon ones! I'll put a frame around anything I please and have a weakness for charts and maps. I have also been known to frame placemats, too (gasp). I almost bought a book of those paper placemats with the shell sketches on them last summer (which of course now I can't find for the life of me), but alas I talked myself out of it and I still regret it. Next stop on my list is Vintage Printable and the Biodversity Heritage Library--THANK YOU!!!

    PS: Did you see the birds I bought for my bedroom? I am in love with them! They are at the bottom of this post: OK--we need to get our e-mail on...


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