Monday, November 4, 2013


My mind is a sieve.
I can barely remember what I did
thirty minutes ago much less yesterday.
But I remember thirteen years ago today to a t.
I was watering my flowers outside my apartment
when my friend/neighbor/landlord
walked up and introduced me
to his friend who was in town visiting.
Nice to meet you I said.
His friend was so shy that he barely looked up at me.
My first thought?
I'm going to marry him one day.
I even did that little girl thing where you put
your first name with his last name to try it out...
yes, I can live with that name I told myself :)

Exactly one year later to the day
 the boy who doesn't remember that meeting
asked me to marry him :)
And here we are thirteen years
and three little boys later.

A little back story if you don't mind...
I lived in a little carriage house behind a grand mansion in Savannah.
I was friends with the guy who lived in the big house.
Over time his friends and family became part of my extended family.
We'd all pal around, go out to dinner, the movies, that kind of thing.
Occasionally one of them would mention Ben from Texas.
I would roll my eyes...
that's a thousand miles away...
why would I want to meet someone from Texas?
That would never work.


But you know that saying...
you make plans and God just laughs?
Its crazy to think of how all the right pieces fell into place
to bring a little girl from Savannah
and a boy from a little town in Texas
together in this big world we live in.
I thank God,
our match maker Jeff,
 if we're laying all the cards on the table here
George W. Bush.
Because thirteen years ago there were some chads hanging in Florida
and an election was up in the air with them.
And I used that little segue way to email my future hubby
and keep the conversation going...
because after that first meeting
on the back steps of my friend's house
where I was outside watering the flowers
the two of them wandered over to my apartment
where I was watching television.
They hung out for a couple of hours with me.
And then they abruptly left and went out to dinner.
Without me.
Not even an invite was offered.
Rude right?
So they go out and he goes home to Texas the next day.
I gave my friend Jeff grief about it the following week.
One day soon after Jeff brought me a piece of paper
with a phone number scribbled on it.
He said he'd just talked to {my future husband} at this number
and to hurry up and call him there.
Now I know some of you may be thinking
that the boy should pursue the girl.
That's the way I was raised for sure.
But something got into me and I called him.
And gave him grief about who he was supporting in the hanging election.
Kind of like when a little girl likes a boy
 so she hits him up side the head.
I know.
I'm so mature.
In the end I don't care how it happened.
I'm just thankful it did.
That everything in the universe came together
to bring this girl
and that boy
Because I was made for him
and he was made for me...
perfect for each other in every way.
Happy Anniversary to my one and only :)


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