Tuesday, November 19, 2013

what are you doing?

was the first line of the text my sister just sent.
Followed by
"where's your blog post of the day?
I always read it at lunch."
Very sweet.
She was one of the reasons I started this blog...
so that we could stay in better touch.
But she never leaves comments on the blog.
Just saying.
At least I know now that she reads it :)
Now let me share what I'm doing...

Water - big wave..

Not in Hawaii.
See that person in the water...
pretend that's me.
That big wave?
That would be the flu.
Influenza type A to be exact.
It has not been pretty.
The last kid started with fever last night.
He had a good run of
fighting off the germs around here
but in the end
our little petri dish we call home
got the best of him.
As it did all of us.
Like the scary part of a horror movie
that you KNOW is coming.
It brought all of us to our knees.
If you have not yet gotten a flu shot or the flu mist
you may want to go to your doctor's office
to check into that option ASAP.
I wish I hadn't waited.
I will be taking my crew
once we all are well again
to get ours in the hopes of
not getting this junk again.
Stay well my friends.

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  1. Oh sorry to hear you ALL are/have been under the weather! I got the flu shot at work, and I was planning to call this week to get the kids in for theirs....will move that up on the priority list. Hope y'all are feeling better soon!!! Sending hugs!


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