Thursday, November 7, 2013

you know its going to be a great day

when the sky looks like this...
or at least that's what I told my kids
on the way to school drop-off this morning.
We were all stressed out -
you know how it is trying to get kids ready
and out the door in the morning.
We're all in the car
grumpy like a bunch of angry bears
and I told them we all had to turn it around.
I said "you know? its gonna be a terrific day today.
and do you know how I know?"
no response.
so I asked again.
and some grump in the back seat goes "how?"
with that "you think you're so smart 'cause you're the mom" kind of voice.
And I was stuck having to come up with a profound answer.
All I had to do was look up.
I said God doesn't make skies like that on a bad day.
That's how I know.
Its all in how you look at I right?
Now you have it.
Make it a good day no matter what you do. :)

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