Tuesday, December 24, 2013

thankful and happy

A simple yet inspiring message to each of us today.  May we all learn to be content and have a grateful heart whatever the odds may be!

chippendale revisited

I went to Lowes last week
to buy some shims
thinking I was going to have time
Long story short
 they didn't have the size I needed.
But they did have this...
Remember I've been obsessing
about a screen door like this
for like ever.
{If you don't remember then
One little problem...

I forgot to measure my door.
You know.
Little details.
One day this door will be mine...
its just a matter of time.

Monday, December 23, 2013

thinking outside the box

Now that our boys are older
we're able to do more things -
like go in public more without
fear of temper tantrums
and multiple throw-downs.
Life with kids is never dull you know.
This year we decided to take them to see
to help us get in the holiday spirit.
For those of you not familiar with this
treasure trove of fine art and furniture
If you're lucky enough to live in
or visit Houston around the holidays
definitely try to see it while its decorated for Christmas.
It's like stepping back in time
with each room decorated with a theme...
This room is decorated for a Christmas feast
 during the time of Thomas Jefferson
{I think anyway it was Jefferson...
 I was trying to make sure
my five year old
didn't cross the roped off area,
we hadn't eaten dinner yet
and he went nuts when he saw this spread}

The wallpaper was unbelievable in person...

I think the docent said it took two days
to decorate this tree with thousands of lights
and hundreds of ornaments....

Notice the beautiful manger scene...


Another gorgeous tree...

You cant tell but these walls
had the most lovely lacquer finish...

It was a cold and blustery night...

but it was neat to do something different...

like run around in a beautiful garden
 in the dark...
My five year old is so energetic
he's a big blur...

and my twins' favorite part
{besides the free cookies and hot chocolate}
was the bridge you have to cross to get to the house...

Hope you enjoyed this little tour.
It only took me twelve years
of living in Houston to go see it myself.
If you're in town make sure
to go check out Bayou Bend.
Bonus is that its located in River Oaks.
Trust me you've never seen
Christmas decorations like those in River Oaks.
Two days to go...
Hope you're almost done
getting things scratched off your to-do list.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

more pillow love

You know I stalk things regularly.
Real estate, pinterest, and overstock to name a few.
Herewith some of my favorite pillows on

You know I love me some green
and this grass green bamboo pillow is no exception...

Grass Green Bamboo Decorative Throw Pillow

This one reminds me of imperial trellis

Damon Scroll 14 x 37-inch Throw Pillow
Don't you think so?

I love this pretty geisha slate blue pillow
Geisha Slate Blue Cotton Pillow
It is also available in red.

And if you like this Braemore fabric you're in luck...
Gorgeous Cotton Decorative Throw Pillow
{Braemore} Gorgeous Pearl
My friend Lisa just recovered her barstools
in this Bali Navy fabric... 
Pillow Perfect Bali Navy 23-inch Floor Pillow
I'll ask her for pictures.
Because they look FANTASTIC!
{Pretty please Lisa :)}
I love it so much I might use it too.
{Its also available in mandarin orange.}

Problem is I love this tribal thread azure too...

Tribal Thread Decorative Down Fill Throw Pillow | Shopping - The Best Deals on Throw Pillows

Its also available in the rust color way.

I just wish the prices listed on these
were a little more cheap budget friendly.
I've seen many of these over on for less.
Just saying.

all images via

Saturday, December 21, 2013

this will tug your heart strings

to see the sweetest, heart-touching story
about a dad and his young daughter
in a tribute to his late wife.
Get your tissues ready.
I read it and was reminded
of this sweet print
Love grows here
On a little side note
I clicked through the pin and found
that Kristina has the sweetest prints
Be sure and check it out.

Friday, December 20, 2013

little things

are happening around the house
in trying to get into the holiday spirit...

After using ornaments in a bowl at Steve's house
I ran out to Hobby Lobby and picked up some of my own...

Wonder how long they'll last
before my boys hurl them across the room?
This may be wrong but I hung my favorite wreath
on the inside of the door
to protect it from the cold...

Plus there is enough stuff outside this year...
ask my neighbors.
If they haven't moved already.
My husband has gone a little cray-cray
collecting outdoor decorations.
{Love you honey.}
But seriously.
I'm not kidding.
We're turning into the Griswolds.
Pretty soon there won't be any space on the lawn
at the rate his "collection" is growing.
Think inflatable manger scenes, flashing wreaths
on every window, and this year's addition -
light-up steel wire Christmas trees.
I'm thinking we should call an electrician
for a safety check.
Just saying.


I saw this mentioned on the Enchanted Home the other day.
If you need another reminder of what to be thankful for
during this holiday season
{and every day really}
click through to The Preppy Princess to read
Wreaths Across America. I'll be participating!   #veterans
photo by Rachael Martin via

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

kitchen reno - a before and after {and the roman shade source}

I have to give props
to the talented master seamstress
who made our new roman shade.
Lynn Chalk is her name.
Sewing up perfection is her game.
I found her while searching
for the Schumacher fabric
Mary Ann from classic casual home suggested.
It's always been a favorite of mine.
You might remember I used it
in the mocha color way
for pillows in our master bedroom.

The English Room Blog / Trend Alert: Bold and Beautiful Cobalt Blue

Chiang Mai Dragon China Blue
You know me -
always trying to saving money
{so that I can spend it
elsewhere in my home :)}

I got several quotes
to make the roman shade
from local stores
 and through places like etsy,
and of course
I clicked through pinterest.

I was ready to go local when
 I did one last search
 to find the best fabric deal
Which is how found Lynn Chalk.
As I was about to purchase the fabric
I saw a little window on her website
saying she also made roman shades.
One stop shopping!
Gotta love it.

I emailed her to inquire about pricing.
You know my objective was to cover
the half moon window
above our sink
seen here in the BEFORE....

{before I took down the old café curtains}...

Slowly but surely
I took the curtains down...
to make me make a quicker decision.

She was very patient with me.
We ping ponged many emails back and forth.
And she was so lovely in her responses...
giving me tips about fabric placement,
how to measure the window correctly,
you know, little things that mean a lot,
and if done incorrectly
might bother an OCD person like me. :)
She suggested we order half a yard extra
so that my favorite part of the pattern
would be exactly where I could see it.
I never would have thought of that.
I told her I wasn't planning on
 raising or lowering it...
it was merely to camouflage the half moon.
Oh, and be the perfect finishing touch
in our kitchen reno.
Which it is.
In my humble opinion anyway.
I love it and so does the hubs.
He actually said "It makes the kitchen."

I'll take a better after picture of the whole kitchen soon.
Its on my list of things to do.
In the meantime
definitely check out her website to see
Lynn's portfolio of bedding, pillows, window coverings
and other beautiful creations she makes.
Plus you can purchase designer fabric and wallpaper
through her site at a major discount.
Its a win-win.

greek key

Remember when I scored
this chevron twill tape

to use as a border trim
on the solid navy curtains
The trim that is currently being
held on with straight pins?
For a year now?
Yeah, that trim.
I just couldn't commit
to sewing it on for some reason.
Now I know why.
I saw this at Hobby Lobby last week...

Greek Key Trim.
Waiting for their ever-revolving sale to score me some.
Oh, and if you're going to HL
make sure you look at their clearance aisles.
I saw these huge letters on sale for 50% off.

They're a good 18 inches or so.
And only $15.
Perfect for a kids bedroom
or a gallery wall of some sort.
{hint hint to my sister Mary :)}

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

give gap, take gap

My husband thinks I'm making this up
but I promise
when I lived in Atlanta
many moons ago
there were highway signs that said
"give gap, take gap"
as a means of reminding drivers to be courteous.
If you've driven in Atlanta and can confirm this
please leave a comment so I can prove it to him :)
In the meantime
in a play on words
its time to give gap or take gap
as in the gap {dot} com
shall we?
I may have just ordered this color block dress.
And you'll notice those leopard slip ons
that I've been stalking for-EVUH...
well they're still not in stock.
So to make up for it I may have ordered this
colorblock t-shirt...
But if I did
{and I'm not admitting to anything}
then I shouldn't feel bad because
if you use the code "GAPXMAS"
then you'll score 40% off your entire purchase.
{Good through 12/19}
You're welcome :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

what's new?

In this picture that is...
Want a clue?
Or this picture might help...

Our new rug arrived.
I was out running errands and came home
to find it in the middle of my driveway.
You know.
The one I drive my car up to get into my garage.
One little problem...
That sucker is heavy.

Took everything I had with my bum legs
to pull it up the driveway and inside the gate.
Where it sat for a day.
Where my husband saw it.
Uh oh.
He was like "what is THAT????"
The new rug I mumbled.
Remember we talked about it?
A few months ago.
Remember that?
"How long is this one going to last?"
What are you trying to say?
That I have a problem and buy too many rugs?
Like an addict you have to say the truth out loud.
{Secretly hoping it will confuse the hubs.}
You know "reverse psychology" and all.
Anyway he shook his head
and maybe rolled his eyes
but he helped me lift it inside the door.
Where it sat...
for another couple of days.
I was waiting til he got over
his shock and dismay
at yet another new rug.
But of course one day last week
I couldn't take it anymore.
So I started moving stuff around myself...

and I struggled to roll out the new rug
while keeping the rug pad flat underneath it...

and then my crazy came out
because I was trying to center it in the room
and line it up just so with the fireplace

but the big thing called the Christmas tree
kind of messed up the whole balance thing
the OCD crazy in me was trying to achieve.
Did I mention that sucker is heavy?
Like a hundred pounds heavy.
Finally I thought better of it
and declared my struggle with it
penance enough
for ordering yet another rug
 and then I shimmied
the heavy Wisteria coffee table
back to its OCD
centered spot of honor...

so the before....
and now after...

Sorry for all the pics...
just trying to show the texture of the rug.
It rocks.

and is so soft and thick underfoot.
I even think the hubs likes it.
Not that he would admit that.
But that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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