Wednesday, December 18, 2013

kitchen reno - a before and after {and the roman shade source}

I have to give props
to the talented master seamstress
who made our new roman shade.
Lynn Chalk is her name.
Sewing up perfection is her game.
I found her while searching
for the Schumacher fabric
Mary Ann from classic casual home suggested.
It's always been a favorite of mine.
You might remember I used it
in the mocha color way
for pillows in our master bedroom.

The English Room Blog / Trend Alert: Bold and Beautiful Cobalt Blue

Chiang Mai Dragon China Blue
You know me -
always trying to saving money
{so that I can spend it
elsewhere in my home :)}

I got several quotes
to make the roman shade
from local stores
 and through places like etsy,
and of course
I clicked through pinterest.

I was ready to go local when
 I did one last search
 to find the best fabric deal
Which is how found Lynn Chalk.
As I was about to purchase the fabric
I saw a little window on her website
saying she also made roman shades.
One stop shopping!
Gotta love it.

I emailed her to inquire about pricing.
You know my objective was to cover
the half moon window
above our sink
seen here in the BEFORE....

{before I took down the old café curtains}...

Slowly but surely
I took the curtains down...
to make me make a quicker decision.

She was very patient with me.
We ping ponged many emails back and forth.
And she was so lovely in her responses...
giving me tips about fabric placement,
how to measure the window correctly,
you know, little things that mean a lot,
and if done incorrectly
might bother an OCD person like me. :)
She suggested we order half a yard extra
so that my favorite part of the pattern
would be exactly where I could see it.
I never would have thought of that.
I told her I wasn't planning on
 raising or lowering it...
it was merely to camouflage the half moon.
Oh, and be the perfect finishing touch
in our kitchen reno.
Which it is.
In my humble opinion anyway.
I love it and so does the hubs.
He actually said "It makes the kitchen."

I'll take a better after picture of the whole kitchen soon.
Its on my list of things to do.
In the meantime
definitely check out her website to see
Lynn's portfolio of bedding, pillows, window coverings
and other beautiful creations she makes.
Plus you can purchase designer fabric and wallpaper
through her site at a major discount.
Its a win-win.


  1. Looks FABULOUS!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric!

  2. LOVE the roman shade! I think it makes the kitchen too.
    I also love your light fixture. Heck I love the whole kitchen!

  3. This is so awesome….looks really well made. Great resource.

  4. its perfect…i love how you weren't afraid to cover the arch window. cabinets, hardware, lighting, countertops-all very well thought out and looks amazing!

  5. Hi WOW that looks amazing, one of my all time favorite fabrics of all time, had pillows done for outdoors which I LOVE. Your kitchen looks fabulous.....thanks for stopping by!

  6. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I LOVE that fabric. Found you through Mary Ann :-)

  7. I am jumping to your blog from MaryAnn's. I also live in Houston (Friendswood) and love finding other bloggers who live nearby. Your kitchen reno is amazing! You guys did a great job!


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