Friday, December 20, 2013

little things

are happening around the house
in trying to get into the holiday spirit...

After using ornaments in a bowl at Steve's house
I ran out to Hobby Lobby and picked up some of my own...

Wonder how long they'll last
before my boys hurl them across the room?
This may be wrong but I hung my favorite wreath
on the inside of the door
to protect it from the cold...

Plus there is enough stuff outside this year...
ask my neighbors.
If they haven't moved already.
My husband has gone a little cray-cray
collecting outdoor decorations.
{Love you honey.}
But seriously.
I'm not kidding.
We're turning into the Griswolds.
Pretty soon there won't be any space on the lawn
at the rate his "collection" is growing.
Think inflatable manger scenes, flashing wreaths
on every window, and this year's addition -
light-up steel wire Christmas trees.
I'm thinking we should call an electrician
for a safety check.
Just saying.

1 comment :

  1. Nancy…so funny about outdoor ornaments! There is a house down the street with so many lights I call it Calloway Gardens:) Love the wooden bowl with the balls in it…one of my favorite ways to do it! Have a Merry Christmas! Sherry


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