Wednesday, December 4, 2013

scratching it off the list

 You may remember that we spent a glorious week in Palmetto Bluff
over the summer with our dear friends who live there.
One day we went fishing in the May River...
I don't remember why really
but I jumped down into the river bed
I think I started talking about how much
oyster mirrors cost
and how the oyster shells in PB
were the biggest shells
you've ever laid eyes on.
Our friend Tracy said she'd seen a salt cellar
made using a big oyster shell,
kind of like this but from a real shell...
Unique Pewter Salt Cellar Set | Oyster Shell
My wheels started turning.
Christmas gifts perhaps?
I jumped off the dock and
I started inspecting oyster shells.
One thing led to another.
Before I knew it I had collected enough shells
to fill a five gallon bucket.
Needless to say my husband was not amused.
Especially because I was doing all this in flip flops.
In case you don't know oyster shells can cut you like a knife.
But I was determined.
I brought the smelly bucket of shells
double wrapped in black trash bags
with us on our road trip back across America.
 I spent the past five months
soaking them in a mixture of water and bleach
then sunning them in batches in the back yard.
I think my kids thought they were an art sculpture
because they sat out there forever.
But some really never got bright white like I wanted.
Never fear...
I saw this on design sponge a few weeks ago...
Materials Needed: Oyster Shells (at least two) Paintbrush Liquid Gold Leaf Food Safe Topcoat Step One: Make sure oyster shells are clean, dry, and free of any debris. Step Two: Using a round or flat, angled paintbrush and  Liquid Gold Leaf , paint the inside of the oyster shell to the outer edge. Step Three: Allow to dry and seal with a food safe topcoat such as this one.
and knew I'd found the answer!
I'd already found half a dozen little spoons
on our trip to Round Top
but I needed more.
One day all my online perusing paid off...
Gold Cocktail Forks + Spoons, $29, West Elm. Susan: "Cocktail forks and spoons- I am definitely getting these!"
I waited til they had a sale
and bought a couple of packs.
Then this week I set up shop in my kitchen...

I know I just ruined the surprise for some of my peeps
by sharing this before the holidays.
I have trouble with surprises.
What can I say?
Just act surprised when you get one. K?
You can also use one as a pretty holder for earrings and such
on a nightstand or on your bathroom vanity.
Just saying if you're not the salt cellar type.
No oyster bed around?
You could do the same thing with a little bowl or plate...
like the blogger Kellie Van...
DIY: gold and white bowls
The possibilities are endless.
Makes you want to get your gold paint on doesn't it?

And another thing that is getting scratched off the list this week...

It's HERE!!!!!
The last piece of the kitchen remodel puzzle
{well then there's the paint for the island
but let's just pretend we're nearly done}
arrived last week.
Super Mario the handyman is coming Friday
to help me hang it since I want to use anchors in the wall.
After all we want it to stay put don't we?
I know my limits.
That's a good thing.
What about you?
What are you scratching off your to-do lists?

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  1. Love love love your kitchen window treatment!!!! I am hoping to get mine done after the first of the year but we'll tuition really puts a cramp in my decorating budget!

    My to-do list feels endless but I got my entire list done yesterday and that has not happened in a long time. Felt SO good! I am trying to have all of my Christmas shopping done by this weekend so I can just enjoy the rest of the season, I did about 75% of it last! Love it! I am clearly "old" because I can't stand the crowds at the stores anymore!


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