Friday, December 13, 2013


I stumbled on this video last night.
I dare you to watch it and not cry.
Grab some tissues.
and was made by a sweet husband for his wife's birthday
about their premature son's first year of life.
Got tissues yet?
If so watch it.
Then go hug your loved ones
especially your littles
{if they're still little and living at home :)}
The video made me go back in time
to memories of our boys' NICU journey
and makes me so grateful for all the wonderful
nurses and doctors in the NICU who helped them
come home healthy with us.
Give Thanks unto the Lord

Be sure to click through to nest of posies...
she was kind enough
to allow free downloads of this
and other beautiful chalkboard pretties.
I'm thankful for that too.
If you want to see more things to be thankful for
And yes...a shirtless Kenny Chesney is definitely
something to be thankful for too :)

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