Friday, December 13, 2013

went to the market

World Market that is...
on the hunt for this scalloped cutting board...
Replace a serving platter with a beautiful carving board!   Scalloped Trencher Cutting Board | World Market
I know.
How awesome is that?
It's $39.99 but I had a coupon.
And I was ready to pounce.
But alas it wasn't at my store.
I wanted to use it for a cheese tray
I'm planning to bring to an appetizer party.
It would have been perfect.
Am I right?
Oh well.
Will go to Plan B.
Just gotta figure out what Plan B is.
In the meantime here are some other goodies that caught my eye...
I've posted about this chandelier before.
I kind of think I need this chandy in my life.
Just no where to put it.
But I'm thinking about it.
I already have a fruit stand but this one was still
picture taking worthy...
you know
just in case YOU need one :)

and I also resisted the urge to buy
these masculine magnifying lenses
for my husband's study...
although at the rate my eyesight is failing
due to old age
I may need to go back for one of these.

would be great for table or bookshelf styling....

 plus they had some great globes and spheres...

but I too resisted those.
I went for stocking stuffers you see.
If you need a funnel for mentos bottle rockets
{and if you have little boys you probably know
what I'm talking about}
then world market is in your future...
I stumbled on a great funnel you screw on to dump the mentos in.
Who knew they made a kit for that?
Now you know.
Enjoy your Friday!



  1. So sorry you didn't get the tray. I hate it when I have my heart set on something. Hope you find something even better this weekend!

  2. wish we had a World Market around us - never been inside one but it looks like so much fun! We just ordered and received some dining room chairs from them and they are awesome!


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