Friday, January 3, 2014

add this to your kitchen drawer

I saw this post today
and I felt compelled to post about
my favorite kitchen gadget...
Its a can opener.
And in apple green.
It doesn't get better than this.
The hubs used it last week
and suggested we give it out as gifts next year.
I know.
Weird right?
But its THAT good.
You might be wondering how it works...
short story - it opens your cans from the side
without leaving a sharp edge
(think no more cutting yourself while throwing away a lid.
Best part?
you don't even have to touch the lid to throw it away...
that little gray button you see on the top?
you just release it over the trash can
and the top drops in.
Oh and you don't have to wash it
because it doesn't touch the contents of the can.
Sounds easy right?
It will take you a minute to figure it out
and yes you will have to read the instructions
{at least I did but then you know I'm technically challenged}
but I LOVE this contraption
(and I never in a million years thought
I'd say that about a flippin' can opener).
You can purchase it on here.

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