Saturday, January 25, 2014

baby its cold let's DIY

The weather forecasters were going nuts
Thursday night with predictions
of doom and gloom
for Friday morning.
So I texted my peeps...
{Anybody going to boot camp tomorrow?
The weather is supposed to be really bad?}
I was secretly hoping they'd
want to sleep in
so that I could too -
without feeling guilty.
{"Oh, yeah, we'll be there" came the replies.}
Why can't my friends be wusses tired like me?
So at 4:30 this morning
I dutifully woke up
and checked the weather on my iPhone.
Funny -
I've never seen a symbol
for a snow flurry before today.
Then I check for messages.
No texts from anybody
saying we're not going.
I thought of my peeps
who professed they would be there.
I got dressed and ignored
the warm flannel sheets on my bed
that were calling my name.
I doubled up on layers,
grabbed an extra jacket
and made my way to the car.
Fuh-reezing outside.
I'm listening to the weather and news
waiting for the ice to melt on the windshield.
They canceled school today
due to bad weather.
I'm driving in a drizzle of rain.
Shaking my head at the news reporter.
There's no snow and barely any rain.
Up north they call this weather "spring."
I arrive at boot camp
hoping the building will be shut down.
Its open and I can see people inside.
My peeps?
Not so much.
They were all snuggled in their cozy beds.
They aren't stupid.
Now I have to exercise
entertain and motivate myself.
At least I got it done though.
Exercise was on my long list of stuff to do Friday.
But with three boys at home unexpectedly
there's no telling what the day will bring.
Pray for me :)
I did get one project done though...
My mother-in-law is here for a visit.
I dragged her with me to the lumber yard
the other day to get a piece of homasote.
But I did it BETTER this time.
Here's the deets...
Homasote comes in a sheet 8 x 8 feet.
Its used for noise reduction in buildings
but Martha Stewart made it popular
when she {or rather her minions}
{and I use that word favorably :)}
used it to make a bulletin board.
I looked it up this past summer
when we made one for my peep Tarsy
and I knew I could get some
at a nearby lumber yard.
So my MIL and I roll into said lumber yard.
We may have gotten a few stares.
Me with my minivan
dragging my petite MIL
with her trusty walking cane
in and ask for a piece of homasote.
The lumberyard guys were like...
{Ma', what exactly are you
gonna do with one piece of homasote?}
{Just call me Martha...I'm making a bulletin board.}
They didn't get it.
But they didn't need to...
I have a credit card and I know how to use it.
Afraid to ask any more questions
they just directed me to drive to the back
to pick it up and have it cut.
The guys up front said
they'd do one cut for me.
I batted my eyes
and got the guy with the saw
to do two cuts for me -
you catch more flies with honey
 than you do vinegar...
just saying.
So now I have two 3 x 4 boards
and a long one leftover
{for you Laura...I have a plan :)}
But first things first...
My inspiration...
Here's the deal.
I'm making this one for a friend.
She's moving soon
and wants to spruce up her house.
and asked me to make her one too.
We decided to go for a solid color
like Rene's board above
where she used a gray cotton duck.
Ever the mimic I went to the fabric store
in search of cotton duck fabric too.
Allison's walls are a pale yellow
 so we decided on a pale periwinkle blue.
I started out by stapling
the fabric to my cut board.
Sorry I didn't take a picture of this part
but you can see the full tutorial here
One thing I did a bit different
was in measuring for the
spacing of the nail head trim.
I used painters tape to go along each edge
I bought four boxes of upholstery nails
with 24 in each box,
for a 3 feet x 4 feet board,
do a little math,
think a little thought...
I ended up
deciding on a nail
where the tape intersected
at each corner
 then every two inches from there.
See how I made my marks
on the blue painters tape?

Then I just lined up the nail
on the edge of the blue tape
and pushed it in
{this takes some brawn...
thankfully I went to
boot camp this morning :)}



I waited to push the pins completely in
so that I could easily remove the tape.

Note also that I figured out
that I could use some little scissors
to help me pull the nail up
if it started to go in at an angle.
{I OCD flared up}

Is it just me or do my hands
look fat in that picture?
What up with that?
Good night nurse.
Here's what I used...
I bought the d-ring hangers to attach to the back
and then the 50 pound nail hooks for the wall.
I decided to wait until I get it to Allison's
before attaching those bad boys
so that we can have the option
of hanging it either vertically or horizontally.
You know me.
I like options.
Here's how it turned out...
Oh and I added one
extra pin at each corner
for little extra oomph.
I like it.
How about you?


  1. Good for you for getting up and going to boot camp!
    Love the bulletin board!

    1. Thanks! The girl I made it for loved it too! :)

  2. It's fabulous! I'm inspired off to the gym (and it good weather here so really no excuses).

    1. :) thanks...hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. I wish I was crafty...I am too much of a perfectionist to be happy with anything that I would, "DIY" lol! I can paint and sew a little and that is the extent of my craftiness!

    Stay warm!!!

  4. Great job on the bulletin board. I also admire your getting up and going to the gym. I am recovering from hip replacement (the right hip this time - the left hip was replaced about 4.5 years ago), anywho, I have begun a small walking program (you know baby steps) but I refused to go out yesterday in the 20's for my little walk. I did go today. It was cold but bearable. I walked an extra lap today. Yay! I was so proud of myself.

    1. you're doing awesome! like you said its baby steps. and remember you're lapping every body sitting on their couch! :)

  5. I'm Allison's mom and she is so excited about all the wonderful tips you have given her. We're going to Houston soon and I can't wait to see the bulletin board! Thanks so much for helping her.

    1. hi Kathy! Allison is so sweet...and I love this kind of stuff :) so its a win win :)


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