Thursday, January 2, 2014

beauty product junkie

I'm going through draft posts
and I know part of this one
published a week or two ago
but being the technically challenged person I am
I couldn't quite figure out why it was back in drafts
so I added a bonus at the bottom
and am republishing...
please pardon any confusion.
Now back to regular programming....

I bet I'm not the only one
that can cause an avalanche
merely by opening
their medicine cabinet?
Hi, I'm Nancy
and I'm a beauty product junkie.
and one day is dedicated to cleaning
out your bathroom drawers and cabinets
because of all the lotions and potions
that are taking over
you too might be a junkie.
Just saying.
Not judging.
{Let's be friends in fact.}
I know I've sung the praises of
my favorite skin care line
before but with this wacky weather
{it was 80 on Saturday and today in the 30's...go figure}
my skin is slightly confused.
I thought maybe yours is too.
If so you might need this...
I love it.
Its like one stop shopping for your skin.
Antiaging + Hydration = a win-win.


I got this lip gloss kit for Christmas and I love it!


I've long been a fan of smashbox lip gloss
{35mm is the best color in my opinion}
This set was too good of a value to pass up.
It was $24 for five tubes.
**I just saw this set is sold out on
but you can find it at and ulta
Best part?
Since its a seasonal item
packaged for the holidays
its now on sale for $19.
You're welcome :)

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  1. nancy! i just got your amazingly sweet note and comment, thank you a million times over for your support! its so nice to know that there are kindred spirits out there and glad to know you conquered your own battles. hope to keep in touch :) thanks again my new friend!


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