Thursday, January 2, 2014

day two

Since its only January 2
I figure I can add to my goals for the year.
This list is another good one...


Can I get an amen?
I think I've told you before
that my husband and I are real nerds.
Like we are the people who sit down
around the first of the year
and do a real goals list
and we review our budget
{my husband's favorite word is budget.
not so much :)}
We see where we are and what we want to do
and we refigure it as necessary.
Um...I'm pretty sure that is
at least in part
why we are nerdy geeks.
I'll be the first to admit that there are some things
from the goal lists of years past
that we still haven't accomplished.
Like what?
The two that scream to me
are take Spanish lessons
{muy importante if you live in Texas}
and buy a piano.
The piano I predict will get done this year.
I'm adding the Spanish back to the list.
One day.

The biggest "to-do" item other than that is
paint the kitchen island.
I think I'm putting it off because
after that
I cant really think of another big project.
In this house that is.
Let your mind take that in.
Savor it.
What could I be thinking?
We've been here five years.
And five years in our house before that.
Just throwing that out there.
In case my hubs is reading this.

What are some things on your to-do list for this year?
Leave a comment and let's discuss.


  1. Hi Nancy. I found your blog yesterday and I thoroughly enjoy reading it. I am also a southern girl (the name of your blog caught my eye) and one of my New Year's resolutions is to read your blog daily. I am already a fan.

    1. Hi Tarheel Lady! Welcome and thanks for reading :) Happy New Year!

  2. Well...we have even more in common because my husband and I are nerds too. So nerdy that my husband got excited when he got the Quicken 2014 and TurboTax software in a bundle and saved $40. We too sat down and looked at our budget, was gently reminded that we HAVE a budget, and set our goals too. I desperately want to remodel our kitchen but we have two in college right now and they will just keep coming after I am looking at small projects.....I think possibly my definition of "cheap" and my husband's might be different

    Happy New Year and yea for us nerds...we have to stick together!

    1. I love how happy that made your husband. I'm like that too when I save money. About the kitchen...I think you could do small things to make it feel better. Just replacing the faucet (when we first moved in) did wonders. Post pics on your blog :) Would love to see it. Happy New Year!


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