Thursday, January 23, 2014

dear pottery barn

You have got to stop.
I was doing so well.
Then you mailed out your latest catalog.
You know the one.
With all the indigo going on.
Color story: Indigo
via pottery barn
You must have read my mind.
{or my blog}
Because you KNEW
that I was trying to revamp
my living area
after we finished our kitchen reno.
Shame on you.
My husband asked me to stop
with my serial redecorating.
And you're not helping.
Because I want everything a lot of things.
All in indigo.
Pretty please.
I may have even wandered
in my local PB store last week.
{in case my husband is reading this.}
One of your employees recognized me.
{"Where have you been?" she quizzed me}
{"In décor rehab" I whispered back}
Like on "cheers" where
everybody knows your name
I may {or may not} be recognized in all certain
DIY and home décor stores.
I think its a great thing.
My husband, not so much.
 In any event
here's what I'm longing for
from you my PB friend...
Thomas Ticking Stripe Pillow Cover | Pottery Barn
Anza Ikat Pillow Cover | Pottery Barn
Bedroom Design Inspiration & Bedroom Décor Inspiration | Pottery Barn.  Indigo
Indigo Knit Throw | Pottery Barn
Indigo - Pottery Barn
Polka Dot Napkins, Set of 4 | Pottery Barn 
 Pottery Barn Winter 2014 Catalog Highlights Blue & Indigo
all images via pottery barn on pinterest
So thanks a lot Pottery Barn
for the great indigo items.
Some of them are on the way to me.
My house thanks you.
{My husband...not so much :)}


  1. Oh Nancy, I understand completely. I am a blue (dark blues, navy) person my self. People thought I was crazy when I used all the navy in our family room, but I enjoy it so much. Please share your new PB purchases with us. BTW, I am a new blog reader and I enjoy and look forward to your updates daily.

    1. Hi Tarheel Lady! Do you have a blog with pics of your family room? Would love to see it! Thanks for your sweet note :) Glad you are here!

  2. Yep...they are nailing it. Got the paisley for a client in Florida's twin beds under an slanted roof with eaves...child's room. So fun.

  3. PS. Pottery Barn is so good with kids...not like you are putting Chaing Mai pillows out for them to jump on :)

  4. LOVE the PB Indigo!! I have even convinced my husband that the Chesterfield bed should be ours.
    You are so funny...I feel like the employees at my Home Depot, Michael's, HomeGoods all know me.
    Don't know if that is good or bad but I am going with good!

    1. I think its a good thing too that they know you there :) hope you get the PB bed you want :)

  5. had me at "blue" has been a while since I drooled over a catalog like that one....


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