Saturday, January 4, 2014

I fell...again

 Some of my friends are reading this
and thinking
She fell AGAIN?"
Because I've been clumsy as of late.
I took a bad fall just before Christmas.
Right over a concrete parking slab.
It was freezing and I was re-adjusting my coat
as we walked through the parking lot
into the Houston Zoo Lights festival.
That was me if you are the guy
driving the big Hummer that night
that jumped out of his tank
thinking he should have called
for an ambulance.
It must have looked bad
'cause it sure did hurt when I landed
on my knees
twisted torso and hand to one side.
My husband and kids
were walking in front of me
and only heard me scream.
My boys still get a kick
out of imitating me
"scream like a girl."
Its funny now.
That night?
Not so much.

Then I tripped and fell
going upstairs a few days later.
 I said going upstairs.
I too am shaking my head at myself.
I know.
I'll lift my feet higher.

I haven't taken a fall in a week or so.
Except when we visited our dear friends
last week in Palmetto Bluff.
I fell...this time for a new house.

The one we fell in love
with over the summer
apparently sold recently.
That's ok though
because the floor plan
didn't really work for us.
Bad news is I found one that does.
Herewith pictures from my new crush...

the back of the house...

facing the front door

the stairs are to the right of the door in this picture
and there is a little alcove to the left

close up of the fireplace

Savannah gray bricks
+ herringbone pattern =

these floors make me swoon!

the light above the dining area...

yep...sits on a lake

they used the same Kohler sink we used in our reno :)

love love love these lights...
I have the name written somewhere...
gotta find it.

I must have really liked them
because I kept taking pictures of them :)

facing the fireplace

Loved this paint in the laundry room.
The washer dryer are on the opposite wall.

the powder room.

fuzzy picture but here's the master downstairs

and the master bath

I could totally become a bath person.

but then again I love this shower...

another view of the bedroom

loved these sconces leading up stairs

the shared bathroom upstairs

In the other house there were four rooms upstairs
one of which was a bonus area.
In this house there are just three bedrooms
and two baths upstairs
which made for bigger rooms.

We'd turn this big bedroom into a bunk room
for all the boys...

I was dreaming so much
I forgot to take pictures of the other rooms
except for the guest bath...


 and a parting shot...

bigger front porch = the hubs is happy too
I love it all.
How about you?


  1. GORGEOUS house... is that in Houston or outside of Houston. So sorry about your falls - hope you stay steady on your feet for a while! Hope you're having a great weekend!

    1. Hi Katie,
      The house is in Palmetto Bluff near Bluffton SC (about 45 minutes from Savannah). Its where we want to retire (we think anyway). :)

  2. The floors. I love the floors. I used to work for a company that made the nailers/nails for wood floors, so, I seem to notice floors more than say...wall color. Those floors are beautiful!

  3. LOVE the hardwood floors!!!….and granite…...and EVERYTHING ELSE! and thrilled there's another clumsy blogger out there-stay vertical! haha

  4. Oh my , I love this house, too. Those floors are so REAL, I love it, and the lighting, all the carpentry, the well lit rooms. Love it. Did you put an offer in? xo Nancy

    1. No offer...there are some changes going on at PB right now and we want to wait to see how it settles out first.


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