Wednesday, January 1, 2014

let there be light

Happy New Year!
I am about a week behind on posting
but I think you know
that its been a little bit busy around here.
Plus we made a quick trip to Savannah
to see the peeps...
I didn't mention it in case any burglars are reading.
I know.
Add it to my list.
I wrote this last week...sorry for the delay.
Hope you enjoy these {late} pictures of
how the rich people roll
in the River Oaks section of Houston.

Last night we drove over to River Oaks
to look at Christmas lights.
We get the boys bathed
and in their pajamas
before jumping in the car.
That's how we roll...
clean and ready for bed
once we get home.
It has become one of our family traditions.

The first thing we saw on our tour
was this angel that was as tall as a house...

I'm not kidding.
Look at the house behind it.

I was amazed by how many lights
you can string on a tree...

This lady was smart...
she's probably snapping a photo
for NEXT year's card...
her little one is sitting in the yard...
not sure if you can see him
but he's there...

I like this candy cane effect...

but also plain and simple with clear lights...

I'm pretty sure I've pinned
a tutorial on how to make these lighted spheres...
I'll post if I find it
so we can all get ready for 2014 :)

You know they had to get a crane
to light this had to be six stories tall...

little peek of Santa's sleigh here...

and here he is again down the street...

This was the crowded house of the evening...

people parking every where
to get out and get pictures in the sleigh.
I guess these homeowners don't mind
but there had to be a hundred plus people
lined up to get in and get their pictures on.
Cray cray.
We might do it next year :)

Still the same house...
I was trying to get a picture of Santa
hanging from the roof top...

squint and you can barely see him above.


By far the best house on the block
for their various scenes.
Hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas last week.
I'm ready to start this new year!!!!
Its going to be a good one.


  1. I know River Oaks well... we used to live in The Woodlands. Love these pics. I can't believe the difference in the holiday decoration from Texas to the East Coast. Everything really is BIGGER in Texas!!! East Coast is understated. Thanks for the memories!!

  2. Oh my gosh -- this is totally amazing - so glad I found this post and your blog! Happy new year!


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