Saturday, January 18, 2014

Meg's Miles

I saw this pin this week
Running Community - you can support this family and honor the memory of Meg this Saturday...just by going for a run. #MegsMiles
This is Meg.
She was killed earlier this week
by a drunk driver
while running
about a mile from her home.
It was just after eight in the morning.
She was a stay at home mom,
with three little kids.
She loved to run
and was training
for the Boston Marathon.
Today we ran in honor of Meg.
or click through the pin above
and it will take you to the face book page
to post a message to her family.


  1. So sad... what a tragedy for her family. Those poor children.

  2. Meg was part of our Richmond community and our entire community has come together to wrap our arms around her family. What the article does not say (and is also sad) is that the driver who killed her also has three school age children, and their mother was killed in a head on collision several years ago. The driver's children will grow up without their mother and now their father will be in jail. Sad story all around....when will people wake up and stop drinking and driving?


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