Friday, January 31, 2014

more house love

I forgot to post these pictures
of three homes that were open to the public
for viewing while we were there.
They're spec houses of sorts,
all beautiful -
but very close together.
How close?
Well the lack of lot space 
reminded me of a guy I used to work with
who, when looking for his own house to buy,
declared that it needed to pass the "beer bottle rule."
What he meant was that he wanted to be able
to throw a beer bottle and not have it hit the house next door.
Now that's a southernism I'd never heard before.
Nor since :)
Forget about the lot size for now
and enjoy pictures from the first home
from the open house tour we took last month...






I'll confirm this tomorrow
but I'm pretty sure
 J.D. Banks was the design firm...
stay tuned while I double check that
and for pictures of the other houses.


  1. Beautiful! The overall feeling I get from the house is serene and calming...I want to move in!

    1. I know. me too! let's pool our money and take turns.

  2. I love it and agree with first comment....very serene and calming. The color scheme flows throughout the house.
    Am I the only one who noticed the blue painters tape on the window to the left of the fireplace? I don't know why it caught my eye!

    1. that's so funny. I didn't catch that! not even in person! you have good eyes!

  3. Love this house! Love all the symmetry in the family room and the soft colors!

    1. I'm all about symmetry too! and the color palette was very serene and calming.


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