Thursday, January 30, 2014

mr. big is here

one so big
{41 whopping inches in diameter}
 I joking referred to it
as Mr. Big?
Well - he's here
he's on the wall...
Even my husband said he likes it.
He even asked if we should get two.
I think that means its a keeper.
Slowly but surely
we're converting this room
from hip chocolate floral
to beach-y southern chic
{that's my goal any way}
the Jazz Fest posters are in storage
{well, these two any way}
I've got the pillows piled up to go,
the hip chocolate floral curtains are down,


Things to do:
A little artwork for around the mirror
{I'm going to pick a few from here},
add a little trim
on the new curtains,
and find some new pillows...
we are so close.
If you like the Mr. Big mirror too
but be sure and sign up for their emails.
I get coupons almost daily.
And obviously I'm not afraid to use them. :)

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