Thursday, January 9, 2014

one thing leads to another

Thank goodness I had this idea last week
before my husband started boot camp.
He can barely walk he's so sore.
Here how my brain storm went down...
last week we were cleaning up Christmas.

As I was taking ornaments off the tree I started looking around.

You know that could only spell trouble.
Can you guess what I decided to do?
I had the brilliant idea to move the sofas.
The tree came down and
we flipped the sleeper sofa
{the one that weighs about a ton}
to the other side of the room
in front of the windows.
Here's where my theory
on domino decisions
was proven true.
You know the drill...
one thing leads to another.
I thought my husband was going to blow a gasket.
We moved the other sofa to where the sleeper was.
You'd think that would've been it right?
I stared at the room.
My hubby asked if we were done.
Not working for me.

Our conversation kind of went like this:
We need to move the rug.
The rug needs to come up.
Where'd all this dirt under here come from?
My OCD came out.
I need to vacuum.
Still not enough.
I'll mop.
Flip the rug.
This will just take a second.
Vacuum the other side.
Honey...where'd you go?
I need to move stuff around.
Can you help me please?

And again.
We left it for the night to see how
I we felt about it
the next morning.
You see by this time
we'd carried the tree up to the apartment
over our garage...
and there I spied the corner piece
of our Pottery Barn sectional.
Its been up there for ages.
Long story.
Let's not go there today.
Anyway I saw it.
And I got to thinking...
{"Honey? Can you help move something?
Yes, its not a sofa."
Then in a whisper to myself
like that kid on "the middle" tv show
"just part of one."}
The corner of the sectional went in place
and the sleeper sofa went
back to its original location.
Sorry honey.
I think I like it this way.

For now :)
In the meantime
I'm working on ironing
the new white drapes
and tomorrow
 I'm headed to Pottery Barn
to look at their new indigo collection.
Its out with the coral and floral
and in with coastal greens and blues.
I'm so excited!


  1. OMG What a time it was trying to take the damn tree down, that is hilarious. but heck, it looks beautiful!

    1. i know i'm not right :) my husband is done with moving furniture though so its staying like this. for a while any way :)

  2. LOL you just summed up my entire day...we ordered a new mattress and box spring and when it came this morning, it was too tall for the bed...and the supports were not enough to support the HUGE new mattress...a few trips to Lowes and TJ Maxx (of course none of the sheets or mattress pads would fit the extra fat mattress) later and my dad is on his way over to build a center support for my bed so I can sleep in it tonight. So much for getting a new mattress and just "switching it out" for the old one!

    LOVE your family really have great taste! I saw the new PB catalog come in the mail and saw the indigo and white featured on the cover...can't wait to check it out as well!

    1. your dad ROCKS Christine! we don't make it easy for the men our lives do we? ;)

  3. really great arrangement! i love it…..feels super inviting when your are looking straight onto the fireplace…..i love the unexpected arrangements…and it feels right!


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