Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the bees knees

During the holidays a friend of mine
hosted a little get together
where everybody brought something.
I was assigned to bring a cheese plate.
Don't laugh but
I'd never put one together.
Never fear I thought.
I'll go buy one preassembled.
One little problem.
I'm not the only clueless person in Houston
who thought of doing the same thing.
What's a girl to do?
Well I emailed Mary Ann
and she gave me some tips.
Armed with said tips
I go to the grocery again.
The lady in the cheese department
saw me coming.
I had that deer in the headlights look
about resembled
 a "sucker" sign
on my forehead.
I impressed myself though.
Until I got to my friends house
and she had done a little appetizer plate
with sliced pears, a lovely cheese, and this
Raw Honeycomb Square 11oz

I don't know about you but 
I'd never seen
must less eaten
raw honeycomb.
Where'd you get this I asked.
She got the box.
I was so tickled when I saw
Savannah Bee Company
on the label.
My hometown!
I read their story online after I got home.
They have a factory on the island I grew up on!
Who knew?
If that doesn't fall under the category of
"its a small world"
then I don't know what does.
At least to me.
Let's go with that theory.
I'm not kidding...
if you like honey,
or if you've never tasted honey
you owe it to yourself
to search for some honey from
the Savannah Bee Company.
I definitely say go for the honeycomb itself.
And in case you're like me and need info
on what in the world to put on a cheese tray
look at this yummy pin...
pink wallpaper

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