Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the divine mrs m.

On Monday I had the distinct honor
of guest posting on one of my
all time favorite blogs
classic casual home.

I've never been asked
to do a guest post before.
Or really to write anything
for anybody.
Since I finished school that is.
{a big thanks to my
eleventh grade
English teacher
Mrs. Sutton
who helped me
fall in love with writing}
You see I love to write.
I truly do.
Maybe that's what my dreams are made of?
Who knows.
{I just put it out there in the universe
so let's see what the universe throws back at me.}
When I saw a picture of my kitchen window
on my own blog roll on Monday
I kind of froze.
I clicked through to classic casual home.
I read her words then mine.
I left Mary Ann a comment
at the bottom of that post
admitting that when she asked me
a couple of months ago
to do a guest post
I about fell off my chair.
I'm not exaggerating.
As in I thought
maybe she had emailed
the wrong Nancy.
She didn't ask me to
but I chose to write about
for our kitchen update.
If you have never perused
 Mary Ann's blog
{which I would find
hard to believe
because I'm sure
you've seen her work
in print publications
and all over the web}
then you're missing out
on some eye candy.
Like her kitchen...

via classic casual home
Her kitchen above
and the before pictures
are what cinched my decision
to ask her for help with our project.

Even though I love design,
and am a self-professed,
pinterest-loving fool,
I wanted help to avoid
making domino decisions
where one bad choice
might lead to another.
She helped me think through
and double check each choice.

Like the lights...
my beloved Hicks pendants.

I know they may not be every one's choice.
Honestly they weren't my first choice either.
I thought I wanted lanterns.
But Mary Ann pointed out
that since they would be hanging over our stove
a lantern may not be the most practical choice.
I'd be cleaning them all the time.
That never occurred to me.
I thought about the lantern in my dining room.

The one that never gets used.
That lantern is always looking
like I never clean it.
But I do.
All the time.
Enough said.

I'm so thankful
for her guidance and reassurance
along the way.
One last thing to do.
Here's a hint.

I promise.
I will stop talking about the reno.
One day.
Very soon.
I guess my point of this post is
that its OK to ask for help.
In design
{and in life.}
 None of us has all the answers.
But I promise you that
somebody out there has
"been there, done that."
Someone out there
 has experienced
something similar to
maybe something that
 you are experiencing now.
Whether you're rejuvenating
your home
or your life.
I'm just saying
don't be afraid to ask for help.
I'm so glad I did.
Best part?
I made a new friend.
Her name is Mary Ann.


  1. Nancy - I am with you on this one, I think Mary Ann is super talented! And sweet as can be! Thanks for the recommendation on the Rodin oil -- I have seen it about but always wondered. I wish I could try EVERYTHING :) stay warm, my friend!

  2. I love Mary Anne's style too...your kitchen really is beautiful and very classy. I am on the verge of trying to find help with my master bedroom and was thinking about an e-design service. You may have just convinced me to do it. Wish I had the budget for a full decorator consult and complete re-do! Loved your guest truly are a great writer.

  3. This just choked me up a bit, Nancy! Thank YOU. Come visit San Francisco!

  4. I am a big fan of Mary Ann and I'm in the design biz! You are right, we all don't have ALL the answers and it IS ok to ask for help or another's opinion! Your kitchen looks fab!

    1. Hi Renae! thanks for your kind words. i'm so glad I asked for help with this reno even though I love design myself but i'm no professional :)

  5. You and Mary Ann did a wonderful job taking this kitchen to "pretty"! I love every choice you made it is just stunning....I agree....Mary Ann has exquisite taste:)


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