Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the juice

So the juicer arrived.

I admit I was a bit intimidated
when I opened the box.
So I called my friend Tarsy
who is an expert juicer
and invited myself over to her house
for a tutorial.
I'm so glad she helped me...
not that it was hard
but I'm sure
I would have broken it
right out of the box.

And I know I proclaimed last week
that as soon as the juicer arrived
I was starting the 3 day Oz cleanse.
That didn't happen.
Not yet anyway.
I could list some excuses  reasons here
{my main one is that I'd have to eliminate
my morning cups of coffee
and honestly
I'm not willing to do that.
End of story.}

While I'm still debating this cleanse with myself
I'm gonna look at the positives instead...
I used the juicer every day
I actually drank the juices I made.
I'm telling you they were tasty!


became this...

Notice the label on the juicer...
you can watch that documentary on amazon prime
about one guy's weight loss journey.
Its on my list of things to do.

I plan to continue to do them
but probably only one or two a day.
I felt like I had lots of energy
and I felt more alert, less sluggish.
Especially around 2 to 3 pm
when normally I just want to lay down
on the floor wherever I am
and take a nap.
Not a good idea when you're out and about.
And when you have to
pick up your kids from school.
They wouldn't get that mom was late
because she was napping
on the grocery store floor.

Anyway all this to say
for me personally
I want to research juicing more...
mainly about the calories consumed,
and what about the fiber
you're throwing away
if you use certain juicers.
In the meantime
I thought I'd put some links out there
in case you too
would like to read more about juicing...

So that was last week.
I actually got on the scale.
{clears her throat}
{takes a deep breath}
Its uglier than I thought.
Me doth think
I  overindulged
during the holidays
a bit too much. :)
I admit that I panicked.
But now I'm calm.
I see the number on the scale problem.
I know what I need to do.
{calories expended > calories consumed}
No more telling myself
{its ok to eat those cookies, you run a lot}
the scale says ten pounds up from
{ok, maybe one or two more
but you didn't hear that from me}
a weight that I've maintained
for over a decade
{after losing 70 or so pounds}.
I'm putting all this out there
because maybe you're feeling it too.
I'm going to try NOT to concentrate
on numbers on the scale.
Instead I'm going to concentrate on how I FEEL
and how my clothes feel.
To me that's a better plan.
I've had eating disorder issues in the past
and I refuse to go back there.
Just when you thought you knew me, right?

So what's a girl to do?
Well, for me, I joined weight watchers yesterday.
I said it out loud.
Normally I would probably keep that to myself
but I'm putting it out there
to be real...
everybody has their ups and downs.
{Did I hear an amen?}

So ww here we go again.
I did it after my last baby
and it worked then
so I'm doing it again.
What's done is done.
Let's move on
and fix the problem.
If you want to share any recipes
or sites you think might help
please leave a link
in the comments section :)

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  1. Nancy... I feel your pain. There is no way I could give up coffee in the morning. I definitely have to start cutting back the calories. Haven't had the courage to face the scale. Good luck with WW!


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