Friday, January 17, 2014

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Well I'm sad to say that
I won't be running the
Houston Half Marathon
on Sunday with my peeps.
I deferred my entry to next year's race.
This is good and bad.
Bad that I have to pay again
and lost my entry fee for this year.
{Ouch...could have bought something
for my house with that $$
but don't tell my husband. :)}
Good news is that I have
a guaranteed entry
for 2015
{but you have to pay again...its not free}
But we're not here to concentrate on negatives.
Positive only please.
My foot is better thank you very much.
Last weekend I ran six miles
and I could walk without pain the next day.
I'll take it.
So far, so good.
The thing I like about it is that its making me read labels.
As in portion size.
I was guilty of just eating what I wanted
because I told myself that I exercised so much
that it would all balance out.
My scale didn't agree with that assumption.
So this week I'm on it.
And the scale agrees.
I don't want to jinx it
{partially because I entered my running group's
annual "biggest loser" challenge
and whoever loses the biggest % drop wins}
Now I don't think I'll win it
but then again
you can't win if you don't play.
This all to say that I've dropped a few pounds.
You know a girl is serious when
she cooks
and eats
Brussels sprouts
for the first time
{Patting myself on the back for this major feat!}
So I'm thinking outside my normal box.
Like I never met a chip with salsa I didn't like.
This week I used raw broccoli to dip into salsa.
You know what?
Not bad!
{I admit though that
I would have hurt somebody
if they'd had a bag of chips
in the same room with me at the time :)}
I've made either a mean green smoothie
or a fruit/vegetable juice
at least once a day
but I've decided not to do a "cleanse"
at this point.
I'm just trying to eat more fruits and veggies,
watch my serving sizes,
and try to substitute for my down-fall items
like brown rice instead of white,
and broccoli for chips.
I know.
It doesn't seem right
does it?
But when you're over 40
desperate times call for
desperate measures.
{don't mean to scare you young chickadees
but what happens to your metabolism
after 40 or so
aint pretty!}
I almost forgot.
I bought a new DVD
and I love it!
Well, I love it once I've finished it...

I like that its broken down into
four- 15 minute parts...
so you can do what you have time for.
But its not your momma's workout video.
Its hard and she goes without breaks
{you can pause it &
 drink water
like I do though :)}
But it is GOOD!
I can't do as many reps as she does
but you know what?
@Alice O'Bright Like A Girl
and another thing about the video?
Uh its on sale!
I just bought it last week for crying out loud.
I paid close to $15 and its down to $6.
What up with that amazon?
Its a keeper though.
What's new with you?
Whatever it is
I hope its good!
And to my peeps
running on Sunday...
I love you guys and girls!
I believe in each of you.
Praying for a safe and speedy race for you all
{and better weather than last year}
Run like the wind!


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