Thursday, February 27, 2014

why I blog

I read this post the other day
by my friend Christine over at Suburban Charm.
It got me to thinking about why I blog.
I don't readily admit
in my regular every day life
to writing a blog.
I just don't think most people get it.
Unless you like reading blogs.
Then you might know
without me having to explain.
Some of you are friends in real life that
I shared my secret with one by one.
It started on a long training run one day
at about mile eleven
when somebody thought it was a good idea
to divulge a secret about ourselves
in order to pass the time.
Others of you have become friends
in my cyber world...
while others read and remain anonymous.
Hi there!
Thanks for reading :)
I'm glad you're here.
For those of you
who may not be regular readers
of my blog
or any blog
have a seat,
 let's talk.
I started this blog nearly three years ago.
On my youngest son's birthday.
He turned three that day.
My heart was heavy but happy that day.
Bittersweet I guess you could call it.
He was in preschool FINALLY.
And I was at a cross road.
Which way do I go?
We were out of the baby phase.
{but he still was not
sleeping through the night.
We JUST got there.
But that is another story for another day.}
I started getting chunks of free time -
longer than 10 minutes
where I could actually do something
for me.
And by myself :)
A winning combination
if you ask me
in the midst of full-on mothering.
He was at preschool that morning
and I wrote him a letter
{or rather a it is}
"Dear Zb,
i started this blog as an easy way
to keep up with the design blogs
i've become addicted to
 but alas with three little boys
i have no time to figure out
how to do this blog thing...
no one even knows this blog exists,
not even my dear husband (DH)....
BUT i did want to write a little ditty
to celebrate a big day in our house...
our little guy turns three today!
happy birthday my sweet love!

what will you do in this life
little Zb?
where are your dreams going to take you?
no matter what
or where
I know its going to be good.
you and your brothers
are going to soar.
now only to tell myself
to breathe,
let go
let you all fly."
That was it.
My first post ever.
He turns six in May.
It's hard to believe.
Time goes so quickly now.
There you have it.
It became my way
to keep up with life as it is
so I can look back to see life as it was.
Oh, and to keep up with my blogs.
I used to have a million blog links saved to favorites.
Then I decided to have one myself
so that I could see in the side bar
when my favs would publish new posts.
Yes, I now know of such things
as bloglovin'.
If you've been reading for a while
you'll know I'm technically challenged
and I'm ok with that.
I learn.
Just takes me a while to embrace technology.
I'm elderly old school.
So I had a blog with a blog roll.
No content.
Until my letter to our baby.
Over the years I've shared things
like trips or events here
that have been big in our lives.
But as my kids grew
and began to talk back have opinions :)
I decided to put less of them out there.
Honestly in the techie world we live in
I just want them to be safe.
I admit that one night
I got up in the middle of the night
and took down all the direct photos
of them off the blog.
I probably watched
nancy grace on tv that night.
She scares me.
Her stories do anyway, not her.
She's a twin mom you know.
{plus you gotta love any body
named Nancy right?}
So her stories that night gave me nightmares.
I got up in a panic and deleted photos or posts
where you could see their faces full on.
I was up for hours doing it.
My husband thought I was nuts.
But I know secretly he appreciated it.
So I may share stories
but maybe not identifiable pics.
Hope you understand.
I know I led with how Christine's post
made me wonder about this topic
but honestly its a subject
I've been thinking about it for a year now.
I read a post on a blog I used to follow
where this particular blogger
made a comment
that irked me bad.
This blogger is in the design world
and did a post one day
on her business of blogging.
Because what started as one thing,
a blog,
became a money making operation for her.
With sponsors,
paid ads on both left and right sidebars,
and paid posts
written to promote products.
It became a full time job for her.
I'm not knocking her.
Maybe it sounds like it.
But I'm here to tell you
and you know I've said it before -
that I am searching for a different career path -
after one in chemistry
and now
during motherhood -
using the career advice I've heard from
very successful people -
decide what you love to do
then figure out a way
to make money at it.
This blogger did just that.
I'm serious when I say good on her.
Here's my problem.
In defending what her blog had become
she lost me
with this line...
"I'm not some housewife with a hobby."
My blood pressure spiked.
I think I wrote
the longest comeback comment
in the history of blogging.
Thankfully though
I channeled my husband's goodness
and did not hit publish.
I decided to wish her well.
If motherhood comes to her
she'll know where I am.
But I'm not a follower any more.
 That was a year ago when I read those words.
And to me they still sting.
I don't want to stir the whole pot
about working versus stay at home moms.
Not gonna do it.
Don't want to do it.
I hate that debate.
You do your thing, I'll do mine.
Just don't cut me for my choice.
And she didn't call out SAHMs anyway.
She called out housewives.
Who dare to blog.
Yeah, me.
Those words cut me to the core.
My blog is not a money maker.
But its more than a hobby.
Something about that phrase really got under my skin.
I'm still examining it.
Let's break it down.
For me anyway.
I am a wife.
With a lovely house.
That I am blessed to call home.
One that I love taking care of.
Yes, you can take that to mean
that I love cleaning,
keeping things tidy.
Now don't get me wrong -
its not all Wisteria Lane and jelly beans -
sometimes I get irritated
at the thousandth load of laundry
I've done that day
or the time I spend wasting because of
socks my kids hide under sofas
that I have to hunt down
when they have none to wear,
the list goes on but
you understand the mundane things
that you have to do to keep life going
from point A to point B
in a house with kids.
So when I get frustrated about
my job at home
I remind myself
what my husband does all day
at his paid job,
knowing what he deals with
and who he deals with
to earn said paycheck
and then that feeling I have
gets poofed away
like a cloud of smoke
and I get back to my job,
the work at hand,
and do it the best I can.
Cooking, well, I'll do it
but just know that
if I win the lottery
I'm hiring a chef first thing.
I'm a list maker with OCD
so errands, yep,
love getting those done.
I'm a domestic engineer after all.
And I'm lucky to be one too.
 I am a wife and homemaker.
Most importantly though
I spend my days
raising three young boys,
hoping that I'll make them
better people than I am.
I know I'm a good person,
though with many faults.
I hope they'll look past those
and want to do better, be better.
That is my ultimate goal.
Like if I fail that, then I've failed my life.
That's the way I look at it.
Its my reason for being.
I have found that I love writing.
It soothes my soul.
I sit down for an hour or so
over my coffee and just write.
Tons of draft posts are saved.
Maybe never to be published but they exist.
Some may be trivial,
but sometimes when I write
its like I put a piece of my soul on paper.
If it sits and tugs on my heart I share it here.
In case it might spare pain or the like
for some body else.
We are all on different paths.
Some are less worn but other roads are
unfortunately well traveled.
Like with divorce and infertility.
I know those unfortunately too well.
But I write the trivial too
like about face creams or hair dye
or I'll link to a cool blogger DIY.
You see...
I grow daily
in reading other blogs,
whether its as a person,
as a mother,
in my faith,
or simply through 
soaking up inspiration
from the multitude of bloggers
I read or stumble upon daily,
then I figure maybe it will inspire you
when I share it here.
Because you know I will.
So all that verbiage above?
That's why I blog.
Because y'all inspire me
and maybe
{I'm hoping anyway}
that something you read here
might inspire you.

This blog is not just a hobby to me.
Its become a part of my life and me.
Like my kids -
I may not know where its going.
But I know it will be good.
Thanks for sharing this journey with me.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

photo dump

Just some randoms from my jaunts around town.
You know I have an iphone now
 and I'm not afraid to use it.
I am the crazy woman
that takes pictures
 in the middle of stores...
but seriously I only do it
when I see something
that reminds me
of friends.
Friends like you
who might love
or need things like these -
I mean
who doesn't love
starburst mirrors...
on clearance I might add...
Found these lovelies at Hobby Lobby.
Where I also spotted
these huge wooden monograms.
I think
for a kids' room
or maybe your front door?
Too bad they didn't have any letter I wanted.
Moving on I saw this boat
and thought of my friend Kelly...
whose boys love to fish
so I also took a picture of this...

while strangers gawked at me
and wondered
what's wrong with the lady
 photographing fish in aisle 10?
Still at HL I saw this fabric...

because it reminded me of Schumacher's
{a beautiful fabric that Mary Ann
introduced me to and I love!}
In case you like the knock off too
here's the label :)
also in case you're wondering
I do not hang out at Hobby Lobby every day.
My kids' teachers think I must though
since they keep assigning crazy projects
for which I am constantly
running to the craft store.
But while I was out anyway
I might have wandered over to JCPenney.
Oh yeah.
For ANOTHER school project.
Lucky for me Jonathan Adler's
happy chic line
was on the same floor
as the kids section :)
I'm hoping my friend Annette
will want to do her twin girls' room
in hot pink and orange
so that I can go buy this with her...

or they might prefer purple...
Either way I think his stuff is adorable.
And some of it was on clearance.

I also saw this shower curtain.
In navy blue and green...
my favorite color combo...

It reminded me of my friend Christine
from the blog Suburban Charm.
She made over her bath room
as a part of the One Room Challenge
and this reminded me of that.
So I took a picture :)
Not sure why.
Because she already bought one
but I did
so here it is :)
And of course navy + polka dots

that makes me have to stop and ponder
to see if I need whatever it is in my house.
You'd be proud.
I passed.
But that didn't stop me from looking.
Another thing that gets me is geometrics...
a close up for those with eyes like mine...

 and lastly...
Love me some lamps like these...
Don't you?
Especially at under $40.
Hope you enjoyed yet another random photo dump.
I'm sure I'll have more of where these came from to share soon.

wordly wise

I don't know if the attribute is correct...

but I love the quote regardless.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It's been almost six years
since I joined an early morning boot camp.
{How early?
We exercise by moon light.
If you're not there by 4:50 am you're late.}
I'd just had our third baby.
I needed to do something to get back into shape.
I'm normally a very shy person.
{fellow boot campers - stop laughing}
I was honestly scared to go.
I didn't know any one.
I could barely run a city block.
I went anyway.
I'm so glad I did.
The first day I met Debbie.
Then Laura.
Then this crew
the instructor called "the clique."
Turns out the clique was a bunch of ladies
who had known each other for years.
They exercised but they talked as they worked.
The instructor...not so much a big fan of that.
It's all good though.
One by one we met and bonded.
Under the moon's light.
Trust me when I tell you
the people I have met in this class
are the most entertaining,
most encouraging,
yet hardest working people
you will ever meet.
I don't know how it happened
but these people became
like a second family to me.
What started as really chance meetings
became long-lasting friendships.
We started running together outside of boot camp.
Then we started traveling together,
running races all over the country.
Most of us spend New Years Eve together.
And there's a group that do Monday night dinners.
{I'm hoping to join that one once the boys get older :)}
We've watched as babies were born among us
and as older kids have flown the nest.
I think you know that I love these people.
So you might understand that yesterday
when one of my peeps
told me she was moving in a few months
my heart just kind of,
it hurt.
I knew she had applied for a new job out of state.
Her dream job.
Yesterday she confirmed she was taking it.
I am truly happy for her and her family.
I'm sad...for us.
Sad but happy.
Because I know this to be true...
When opportunity knocks
you have to open the door.
Life's too short. are getting a good girl. 
Be good to her.
{And if you know of
a good running group there
email me :)
I'll pass it on.}
Kelly - we love you.
And be forewarned...we're coming to visit you.
You know we're a traveling clique now.
We might even run a race while we're there. :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

interesting reads

Last week I was able to grab dinner with a few girlfriends.
It's so sweet when that happens because it's so rare.
Another thing that is rare in my life
is free time for reading.
Well, other than blogs.
You know I'm addicted to blogs.
And coffee.
Best part of my day honestly
is when I sit with my coffee and read blogs.
That's my heaven on earth.
Here's three articles I read recently
that I thought you might like too...
If you're like me
and trying to figure out a new career
in the midst of motherhood
It clarified some things I'm struggling with.
That and also from zen habits
his post on

Speaking of business
this one on the WSJ
explains bit coin.
Kind of.
In case you had to google
what in the world bit coin is
you are not alone :)
What will people come up with next?
I'm hoping its the fountain of youth
in lotion or pill form
pretty please :)
that won't hurt you
in any way, shape or form.
A girl's gotta dream you know.

flash master

I hope you all don't mind
but I want to give a shout out
to a company
for excellent customer service.
If you're a teacher or have young kids
you may have heard about the flash master.
In case you don't know here it is...
Remember how you and I learned
our multiplication tables
 using flash cards or charts?
{I know. I just dated myself}
And maybe you or your kids cringe
at the phrase
{honey, let's do your flash cards}
Well the flash master is a brilliant way
to get kids to WANT
to practice their math skills.
I stumbled on one last summer
at a friend's house.
She's a teacher and mom of two.
I'd never seen one before.
Pretty cool I thought.
I made a mental note and finally
remembered to order one last fall
for the twins' birthday.
Don't judge.
It's the gift that keeps on giving in my opinion.
They played it so much
that I had to keep replacing the batteries.
And I kept finding it in random places
which I later found out was because
they were hiding it from each other
so that they could call dibs on it
and be the first player.
Anyway a couple of weeks ago
I saw it in a weird place
but didn't think anything of it,
just that it was in a new hiding spot.
But it didn't move.
So I asked the guys and they told me
the batteries needed changing.
I admit it took me a week or two
for it to move up my list.
I finally changed them.
But it wouldn't turn on.
I tried everything I could think of
and finally just emailed the website
listed on the back of the flash master.
I simply asked if they had any suggestions
on how to make it turn on again.
You know I consider myself technically challenged :)
Let me tell you that within a few hours
I had an email response back
from the president of the company.
He gave me some tips to try to reset it
 but also said send me
the serial number on the back of the device
and your address
and I'll send you a new one.
I was stunned.
I don't know about you
but in my experience
customer service like that
is non-existent.
It shouldn't be but it is.
At least I thought it didn't exist.
But it does.
And that's why I'm writing this -
because it deserves a shout out.
Don't you think?
If you need a gift for your child,
or niece
or nephew
or to donate to your school of choice
to help little kids
{around ages 6 to 12}
learn their multiplication tables
look no further than the flash master.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

the look for less...

I know I just shared a look for less
with a slightly different version of
the Hicks pendants we used in our kitchen reno
but you know how important good lighting is...
especially if you have aging eyes like me :)
So let's talk lamps shall we...
 I love this beautiful quatrefoil floor lamp
by Regina-Andrew...

Just not the price...$625.
I'm a deal hunter you know.
Sit down for what I found.
It's not exactly the same -
the shape is a bit more streamlined
but for a third of the price
I'd take it in a flat heartbeat...
Wouldn't you?
Overstock to the rescue again :)
They rock.
What can I tell you?
Need the table version instead of a floor lamp?
Well today is your lucky day...
Here is Visual Comfort's
Suzanne Kasler's quatrefoil beauty...
It's the "high" retailing for $419
and then there's "my" more affordable version
{or rather overstock's...}
ringing in at $109


 All beautiful lamps...
slightly different in design,
in a variety of budgets :)
Which one would you pick?

Friday, February 21, 2014

same same but different

You know we used the Hicks pendant
in our kitchen update...

They weren't cheap were a splurge...that's for sure.
But I love them.
Times two.

 If you love the Hicks but maybe not the price tag -
I saw a look alike you might be interested in.
The materials look the same
but the shape is a bit different.
Meet Cadance....

via murray fleiss

Best part?
It's less than
half of the price
of the Hicks.
You're welcome :)
{Click here to buy.}

Thursday, February 20, 2014

fit bit

For Valentine's Day
I bought myself my husband gave me a Fit Bit.
Isn't he sweet?
For those of you who don't know what one is
let me introduce you...

Don't be scared off by the pink.
They come in a plethora of colors.
Ok, it looks cool.
But what the heck does it do?
It measures your activity -
the steps you take,
total distance,
and calories burned.
At night, it tracks your sleep quality
and can even wake you silently in the morning.
{Laura - this is perfect for boot camp days
so you don't wake your hubs at 430am}
It's awesome motivation
{to me anyway}
because you can sync it
to your computer and/or iphone
and see how far you've gone
or how much more you need to do
to reach a certain goal -
like say 15,000 steps a day.
You can read more about what it does here.
As a part of their app
you can also input your food intake
and set goals to lose weight.
It's the whole package.
Can you tell I'm addicted to mine already?
Here comes the best part...
if you're into stylish things...
drum roll please...
Fit Bit just partnered with Tory Burch
{I know!}
to create a line of accessories
for your Fit Bit...
think bracelets and necklaces.
And to order yourself a Fit Bit
you can get one through their website
or go to Target like I did. :)
where I bought the Flex for $99.
Be careful though...if you're like me
you'll constantly check your progress.
Wonder how many calories that burns?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

another find

Dear Overstock,
Why do you do this to me?
Technically speaking
I don't "need" new bar stools
but now I want them.
I know.
Details right?
{If the hubs is reading this}
I should explain that
I was looking for counter stools for a friend
when I saw these linen lovelies...
My heart went pitter patter.
I defy you to tell me these don't look
all "restoration hardware" to you too.
Just FYI...they have bar height too.
Best part?
The price of course!
You get not one but TWO for $216
free shipping!
Like they say in the south -
you can't beat that with a stick.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

and then my kid schooled me

Big things are happening around here.
We signed two of our three up for team sports.
Now this may not seem like a big deal to you.
But for our family its pretty big.
You may know that our twins were preemies.
The first year with them
was both the best of times
and the worst of times.
Sometimes I still wonder
how we made it through
and all survived.
It was only by the grace of God.
We were clueless first time parents.
They had issues and wore monitors and oxygen
for, gosh, nine months or so.
We did various therapies.
I remember taking them to their pediatrician
when they were maybe three years old.
Somebody, maybe a preschool teacher
or one of their therapists, had said something
about their lack of gross motor skills.
So of course I freaked out
and brought it to her attention,
because their comment inferred to me
that something was "wrong" with them.
That they weren't where kids of their age were,
that they weren't where they needed to be
according to certain charts.
I'll never forget this doctor...
she was old school.
She said...
{"would you rather have an Albert Einstein
or an Olympic athlete?"}
She said they were uncoordinated.
So what.
They had what they needed.
So they wouldn't be athletes.
Big deal.
Ok I said.
I trust you.
You've seen more kids than I have.
So the boys grew up.
They learned how to do stuff
that seem simple now.
Like swing, pumping their legs back and forth.
And catch a ball thrown at them.
They run, climb, jump, bike, swim.
They've grown into their bodies and with that
their coordination has improved :)
Recently my husband lost his mind
and signed two of them up for team sports.
The middle guy is like me.
He wants to watch first
before he makes his decision :)
Last night was the first practice for one guy.
We were prepping him beforehand -
like if somebody runs into you
its not because they're being mean,
they too are just trying to get the ball
your soccer socks are black,
some guys might have white ones on,
if you are the only one in black,
it doesn't matter,
just know we'll fix it before next practice.
You're still on the same team
and you'll still fit in.
Try to just let stuff go.
The hubs took the twins to practice last night
while I stayed home to put our youngest to bed.
I held my breath the whole time they were gone.
They came home with big smiles on.
As they bathed they regaled me
with great stories about how much fun
the one twin on the team had
and how it was going to be
a great soccer season.
I breathed a silent sigh of relief.
After the twins got ready for bed
they came into our room to say good night.
The soccer guy said...
{"Hey Mom, you know,
 I wasn't the only one
with black socks on.
That's good right?
You don't have to buy me another pair."}
I said to him...
{Do you want to know why we told you that?
Then I told him the story
of how when I was a little girl
my sisters and I,
we didn't do a lot of
extracurricular activities.
My parents both worked.
They had five kids.
It was a lot.
Especially after our house burned down.
One year I wanted to be a cheerleader.
Now this was a big thing.
That my parents agreed to this.
I must have been in the second or third grade.
I don't remember going to any practices.
Only one day stands out in my mind.
Our school had two colors...
one color was the outside of the uniform,
the other color lined the inside.
I'm not sure where the other girls got theirs
but my mom could sew and so she made my uniform.
 I remember being so excited
to cheer in the first basketball game,
so proud in my purple and gold uniform.
We get to the school gymnasium.
And I find the squad.
All the other girls glowing in gold...
me in my purple.
Nearly forty years later
I still remember that feeling of not fitting in.
And being made to feel that I wasn't
part of the team because I stood out.
I don't remember
 exactly what happened after that.
Only that it was the one and only game I went to.
That and being made fun of
for being different.

So I'm telling my sons this story,
trying to teach them that different is ok
but that we'll do our best to make sure
that they'll fit in,
blah blah blah.
One of them stopped me short.
He goes...
{"It's OK Mom.
Its OK.
I know they made you feel bad
but look at your life.
You have a great life.
You have this beautiful house,
you have us,
you have everything!
Don't be sad."}

Its funny how memories can take you right back
to being a little girl {or boy} again.
It felt like he was the parent for a minute.
I told him what made me sad
was that
I had let that feeling of
not fitting in to a certain mold
stop me from doing something
I really wanted to do.

 quote made on
Suddenly I wished that I'd spent less time
telling him that we'd help him "fit in"
and more time telling him
that different is good.
To just be himself.
That was all he needed to be.
Because to be comfortable
in who you are,
with what you have at that moment,
where ever you are,
to really just be yourself...
that is good enough.

Monday, February 17, 2014

sweaty betty

I know.
What a title.
Let me explain.
You know I've been looking for swim suits
to train for my next triathlon.
but a girl can still look you know.
I was on pinterest perusing around
and I saw this...
Pretty, right?
Color block?
Looks slimming.
What could be better?
So I click through
and land on
How cool is their name?
Turns out its a British company.
You know I'm an anglophile at heart too
so of course I stayed a while on their site
looking through their running gear etc.
Then two days later I was shocked
when their catalog arrived in the mail.
Is it just me or is that a little bit creepy techno?
I know it has to do with
tracking cookies on my computer
but for it to arrive so quickly...
I was impressed.
I'm sure I'm a sales marketing dream come true
with a "file" a mile wide.
In any event
I'm contemplating these run shorts
since my favorite athletic gear store
Athleta has discontinued my favorite pair
{pretty please Athleta -
bring back the "gotta have it" run short...
if you do then I promise
I'll stop emailing you :)}

If you're in the market for new gear too
then you should check out
Sign up for their emails
and they'll send you a catalog
with a 20% off code plus free shipping.
I love a deal.
Don't you?
You're welcome :)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

what's worse?

In your opinion -
which is worse?
Jean shopping
shopping for a new bathing suit?
Its a toss up to me.
They both suck are horrible in their own right.
I can't believe its that time again.
Time to pay the piper...
and signed up for another triathlon.
It's in three months.
Time to get my swim on again.
But I've decided on this lovely...
I'm hoping its made out of super-secret,
"Wonder-woman" like material
that will magically turn me into
a super-strong, superhero swimmer.
A girl's gotta dream you know :)
The best part about the suit...
besides the side ruching...
is that its from Athleta
if you don't already know the brand,
hands down,
Any time, for any reason.
And what's not to love about that?

Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day!
I barely remembered that it was this week. 
Thankfully earlier this week
there was a message
on our answering machine
from a florist.
It said...
{Hi, Mr. XYZ...
you placed an order with us
last year and we just wanted to know
if you wanted to send another arrangement
for valentines day this year?
Call us back if you do."}
Very smart.
Except I of course heard the message first.
I told my husband
please do not waste money
ordering me any flowers.
Because while they are beautiful
and I appreciate them when he does
little things like that
after a day or so as
I watch them die
I admit that I think about
how many pillows or other things
I could have bought with that money.
Well, I didn't tell him about the pillow part
but you get my drift.
I know.
I'm not right.
And then he said the sweetest thing.
He said
I'm sorry you feel that way
I think its important to order you some.
I know you love me.
You don't need to send me flowers.
Get ready for this unexpected pearl of wisdom.
He said...
"I think its important for our boys
to see me give you presents and flowers."
My heart melted and grew in love a little more
right then with those words.
I'm a lucky girl.
{for the record I didn't let him order them
but rather I picked out some while at the grocery
yesterday where I also grabbed a sweet card for him :)}
In case you didn't get a chance to grab a card
here's a free printable
via beauty and bedlam
Don't you love that blog name?
I'm going to try to do one for the hubs
and for each of our guys.
And listen...maybe this year 
you may not have some body
to write that list to...
well you know what?
Write it about yourself.
That's right.
You've gotta love yourself first you know.
Took me a long time to realize that.
What ever you do today
do it with love.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

image inspiration

I saw this pin
and clicked through to
House Tour at Scout and Nimble - love the colorful decor and those gorgeous wood beams
Turns out it's a beautiful home tour
via the blog scout and nimble
that you'll want to see for sure.
But the image above stopped me
in my tracks and now its all I can think about.
Any {two} clues as to what
is whirling around
in my brain today?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I went in for yellow pants...

 I promise I do more than shop.
It's true.
Although reading my blog
you may not think so.
But part of my "mom" job
is to stock up on stuff,
to make sure we have everything we need
for around the house and work and school
so in a way part of my job is to shop. :)
A funny aside...
last week I was filling out paperwork
for something.
I can't remember what.
My mind is a sieve you know. was for a new patient form.
I have to see an allergist today.
It came to the part about occupation.
I was stumped.
I hate don't like the phrase "stay at home mom."
Here's what I put...
"household engineer/domestic goddess/former chemist"
Is that wrong?
I'm sure they're going to ask me about that today.
Makes me sound intriguing though doesn't it?
Maybe just a little?
 Back to the pants story...
so last week
my youngest,
who is in kindergarten,
was learning all about
the age of Impressionism.
They talked about colors,
famous paintings,
and artists like Van Gogh and Degas.
Things like that.
As a part of this project
each child was assigned a color.
They then had to decorate a paper doll
totally in items that were their designated color.
And write a report
about their "color world"
where everything was their one color.
I know.
Its a lot for kindergarten isn't it?
My kid is just learning how to read.
We muddled through.
And then,
here's the kicker,
they had to dress up
from head to toe
in "their" color.
Do you see where I'm going with this?
What color did my son get assigned?
Ask me if we own anything yellow.
or socks,
or shoes.
Or anything?
And while yellow is a beautiful color
we just don't wear it.
Honestly I didn't know where to get any either.
And now ask yourselves...
do you really see yellow boys' clothes for sale?
Me neither.
What to do?
The clock was ticking.
I went to the internet for help.
I found some at the gap,
sold online only.
I paid express shipping
and ordered a pair.
I thought I was so cool.
Like I had found the holy yellow grail.
I was so excited when he got home
from school last Wednesday
to show him the head to toe yellow outfit
I'd found for him to wear.
My little guy...
well, he ain't so little anymore.
Like mother, like son I guess.
He, too, can't wear the "skinny fit"
{which is all they had in yellow}.
I was tempted to blow it all off.
We have a shirt with a bit of yellow.
Let's wear that and call it a day.
Apparently the hubs
thought I was being a bad mom.
He didn't want our guy to be
the only one not dressed up
in his special color.
I put the word out to my peeps
in an emergency email
asking them to scour around
for whatever they had in yellow.
My peep Laura came through
with some yellow swim trunks
and yellow shorts.
One little problem.
It was in the 30's on Friday
and I'm pretty sure
the school would have
reported me
had I not sent him dressed warmly in pants.
 The race was back on.
Back to the 'net I went.
I searched high and low.
And then...
{insert the sound of angels singing}
I found them...
at JC Penney for $11.
The sales lady thought I was nuts
with the wide goofy grin I had on my face.
Little things make me happy.
What can I say?
Well - it was the pants
I found on sale for $20.
In navy blue of course
for the family room reno.
Don't judge.
I HAD to get it...
JCP emailed me a coupon
for $10 off a $25 purchase.
Can you blame me?
It was a win-win.
Best money spent this winter too...
my kids wrap up in it every day now.
I'm going back for a couple more.
And I finally found the shoe rack
of my dreams for our coat closet.
I stumbled on it while looking at home stuff.
Best part?
It was on sale from $50 to $14.99.
{Sorry I didn't see it online to link to it.}
And if we're being completely honest
maybe I did get one little thing for me...

 joe fresh mandarin print shirt
But hear me out.
It was on sale for $20.
And it spoke to me
what with the navy blue
and the medallion print...

It reminds me of
for the kitchen.
Remember the medallion?
{The runner I bought is out of stock
but here's the  larger version ...}

And if you know anything about
how my mind works
then you'll know
that's how I justified it.
navy blue + medallion...
I call it kismet :)
{though my husband might call it a problem.}
And if that's so wrong I don't want to be right.

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