Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It's been almost six years
since I joined an early morning boot camp.
{How early?
We exercise by moon light.
If you're not there by 4:50 am you're late.}
I'd just had our third baby.
I needed to do something to get back into shape.
I'm normally a very shy person.
{fellow boot campers - stop laughing}
I was honestly scared to go.
I didn't know any one.
I could barely run a city block.
I went anyway.
I'm so glad I did.
The first day I met Debbie.
Then Laura.
Then this crew
the instructor called "the clique."
Turns out the clique was a bunch of ladies
who had known each other for years.
They exercised but they talked as they worked.
The instructor...not so much a big fan of that.
It's all good though.
One by one we met and bonded.
Under the moon's light.
Trust me when I tell you
the people I have met in this class
are the most entertaining,
most encouraging,
yet hardest working people
you will ever meet.
I don't know how it happened
but these people became
like a second family to me.
What started as really chance meetings
became long-lasting friendships.
We started running together outside of boot camp.
Then we started traveling together,
running races all over the country.
Most of us spend New Years Eve together.
And there's a group that do Monday night dinners.
{I'm hoping to join that one once the boys get older :)}
We've watched as babies were born among us
and as older kids have flown the nest.
I think you know that I love these people.
So you might understand that yesterday
when one of my peeps
told me she was moving in a few months
my heart just kind of,
it hurt.
I knew she had applied for a new job out of state.
Her dream job.
Yesterday she confirmed she was taking it.
I am truly happy for her and her family.
I'm sad...for us.
Sad but happy.
Because I know this to be true...
When opportunity knocks
you have to open the door.
Life's too short. are getting a good girl. 
Be good to her.
{And if you know of
a good running group there
email me :)
I'll pass it on.}
Kelly - we love you.
And be forewarned...we're coming to visit you.
You know we're a traveling clique now.
We might even run a race while we're there. :)

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  1. So sweet. You are so fortunate to have a wonderful group of friends.


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