Monday, February 3, 2014

blue and white bash

Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda
is have a link party today
to celebrate all things
blue and white.
via The Pink Pagoda
For an addict collector like me
it doesn't get any better than this.
Believe you me
I will be clicking through each link
to check out new-to-me blogs.
And who are we kidding?
Also to see where
I can score more
double happiness pots.
Its a win-win.
 But not for my hubs...
he pretty much thinks
my collection is big enough.
I'm not convinced.
I've moved some of my double happiness
from the dining room into the kitchen.
You spread the blue and white love.
I think it goes well with the new roman shade...

{shade by Lynn Chalk}
You might remember that
about which fabric to use
on the window treatment.
Mary Ann was so patient with me.
Once I saw the symbol on the vase
I was convinced it was the one.
 See what a difference it makes...

before the roman shade arrived...

and now...


I bought myself
this little blue and white tray
from j crew during the holidays...
I never met a piece
of blue and white porcelain
that I didn't like...
I know.
Its a personal problem.
That's why when I saw
the call for Jennifer's link party
I marked it on my calendar.
Here's a different view into the kitchen.
I spy some empty counter space.
Me thinks I need more
blue and white for the kitchen...
Since we're all about white and blue today... 
I'll share that we were contemplating
painting the island
deep blue, almost black
but now the plan is graphite...
similar to the gunmetal finish
of the Hicks pendant above.
{my mission is to buy the paint this week.}
In the meantime
to see if I can source more
double happiness pots.
But don't tell the hubs.
He'll find out soon enough :)


  1. Oh, I adore your kitchen!!! I just found you through The Pink Pagoda... I wish I had these images when I put together my post today on blue and white accessories in the classic white kitchen. Yours is beyond perfection!

    The Glam Pad

    1. thank you so much Andrea! you are very kind. adding you to my blog roll! :)

  2. LOVE the shade and bits of blue & white in your kitchen! I have recently become familiar with Annie Sloan chalk paint and that would be the perfect product to use on your island... no prep! There is a gorgeous blue and grey black... you should check it out!

    1. Its on my list to find an Annie Sloan stockiest :) thanks for the advice :)

  3. LOVE LOVE that fabric! It is one of my blue and white favorites. Beautiful job on your kitchen!

    1. thank you Tiffany, you are very sweet.

  4. Kitchen envy! Love the blue and white did an amazing job!

    1. I've been lusting over your recent blue and white pins :)


  5. I have shade envy ~ that is fabulous!! What a great call to paint the island, what a pretty statement for your kitchen!

    1. Hi Pam, Thank you so much. Love your blog :)

  6. Love your kitchen!!! All of your choices are stunning and I can't wait to see the dark island. Your b&w touches are prefect, especially the window shade. And you have great taste (i have the same faucet)! :)

    1. thanks Kate :) bought the paint supplies yesterday :) trying to plan how I can get it done and dry while the kids are in school.

  7. The island in graphite will be stunning!
    I'm not a blue and white girl per se, but like what you have done!

    1. thanks Renae! I think it will be too. stay tuned :)

  8. Looks great, my favorite Circa Pendants!!! Love the Chinoiserie fabric too!

    1. thank you! loving your new blog design :)

  9. I think it's impossible to complete a collection of double happiness pots, but my lips are sealed ;-) Having said that, your hubs will have a bone to pick with quite a few bloggers if we can't continue to watch your collection grow!!! But you kitchen is perfection as is and that roman was made for that arch window. We have an arch window in our new house that I plan to treat with a roman shade, as well--maybe I'll reach out to Mary Ann since she did such a fabulous job with yours! And when it comes to our kitchen, just keep in mind that: "imitation is the highest form of flattery..." ;-o

    1. Hi Emilie! Thanks so much, as always, for your sweet (and funny) comments! Imitate away...and Mary Ann is a plethora of design knowledge. I bow down to her :)

    2. Well I hope you're being sincere because my husband and I are stalking your kitchen as I type, making a long list for the ol' contractor. I'll just say you're the designer if anyone asks ;-)


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