Saturday, February 8, 2014

deal alert

I saw a post yesterday by
Christine at Suburban Charm
where she mentioned a total score
from her local Tuesday Morning.
She found pillowcases by Peacock Alley for $15.
{normal retail is around $150}
Of course
I made a mental note
and ended up there yesterday.
Strange how my car just went in that direction.
You know.
A reconnaissance mission.
Just to compare TM store
 inventories compare around the country.
Baby it was jackpot city at mine.
They had blankets,
sheet sets,
and duvet covers
not only by Peacock Alley
but also by Sferra.
Holy bedding score!

While I was there contemplating
if we really needed any more bedding
I did a tour of the store.
I stopped in my tracks when I saw these.

and look at the back...

Any guesses as to price?
You might want to sit down for this.
I didn't see the real retail marked
but I know I've seen chairs like these
in catalogs for around a thousand.
These were marked by TM for $399.99
they were marked 50% off that
so yesterday they were $199.
I stood there guarding them
as I contemplated where in the world
or rather where in my house
I could put them.
Dang it.
I couldn't think of where
so what'd I do?
I texted some friends
who I thought might be interested.
Later that afternoon
I got a text from my peep
whom I wont name
for fear it will give her husband proof
that I gave her the lead
but she was at the store
contemplating her own buy.
Ever the good friend
I reminded her that they have
a 45 day return policy
and at that price
I thought they'd wouldn't last
if she were to leave and change her mind.
The next text said
"It's in the car."
I told her to make her husband use the back door
for a while so that
he wouldn't see it in their
front living room.
And if he does notice
to deny, deny, deny.
Or at least not use my name.
That's my story
and I'm sticking to it.


  1. They're fab! I've sourced them a couple of times for clients. They used to allow you to order them online and have them delivered! So much nicer than having to stalk the store for a pair of them! But now they've stopped the online shopping. :( They are fabulous chairs for sure! M.

    1. wish they still had online shopping! still wishing I had a spot for them :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Glad they had some great inventory...they did NOT have those chairs at my TM or I would have bought them myself! I am contemplating going back for more bedding....that is easy to "sneak" into the linen Our TM is hit or normally has a lot of cheap "gifty" stuff and less home accessories and home furnishings, but I am going to have to start visiting on a regular basis again....xoxo


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