Thursday, February 20, 2014

fit bit

For Valentine's Day
I bought myself my husband gave me a Fit Bit.
Isn't he sweet?
For those of you who don't know what one is
let me introduce you...

Don't be scared off by the pink.
They come in a plethora of colors.
Ok, it looks cool.
But what the heck does it do?
It measures your activity -
the steps you take,
total distance,
and calories burned.
At night, it tracks your sleep quality
and can even wake you silently in the morning.
{Laura - this is perfect for boot camp days
so you don't wake your hubs at 430am}
It's awesome motivation
{to me anyway}
because you can sync it
to your computer and/or iphone
and see how far you've gone
or how much more you need to do
to reach a certain goal -
like say 15,000 steps a day.
You can read more about what it does here.
As a part of their app
you can also input your food intake
and set goals to lose weight.
It's the whole package.
Can you tell I'm addicted to mine already?
Here comes the best part...
if you're into stylish things...
drum roll please...
Fit Bit just partnered with Tory Burch
{I know!}
to create a line of accessories
for your Fit Bit...
think bracelets and necklaces.
And to order yourself a Fit Bit
you can get one through their website
or go to Target like I did. :)
where I bought the Flex for $99.
Be careful though...if you're like me
you'll constantly check your progress.
Wonder how many calories that burns?


  1. I have been thinking about one of these and definitely need to get one - love the pink!!

    1. you may have to order the least my target only had the black. I think you'll love it! :) thanks for reading :)

  2. I have a clip on one...Just HAVE to remember to wear it.


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