Monday, February 24, 2014

flash master

I hope you all don't mind
but I want to give a shout out
to a company
for excellent customer service.
If you're a teacher or have young kids
you may have heard about the flash master.
In case you don't know here it is...
Remember how you and I learned
our multiplication tables
 using flash cards or charts?
{I know. I just dated myself}
And maybe you or your kids cringe
at the phrase
{honey, let's do your flash cards}
Well the flash master is a brilliant way
to get kids to WANT
to practice their math skills.
I stumbled on one last summer
at a friend's house.
She's a teacher and mom of two.
I'd never seen one before.
Pretty cool I thought.
I made a mental note and finally
remembered to order one last fall
for the twins' birthday.
Don't judge.
It's the gift that keeps on giving in my opinion.
They played it so much
that I had to keep replacing the batteries.
And I kept finding it in random places
which I later found out was because
they were hiding it from each other
so that they could call dibs on it
and be the first player.
Anyway a couple of weeks ago
I saw it in a weird place
but didn't think anything of it,
just that it was in a new hiding spot.
But it didn't move.
So I asked the guys and they told me
the batteries needed changing.
I admit it took me a week or two
for it to move up my list.
I finally changed them.
But it wouldn't turn on.
I tried everything I could think of
and finally just emailed the website
listed on the back of the flash master.
I simply asked if they had any suggestions
on how to make it turn on again.
You know I consider myself technically challenged :)
Let me tell you that within a few hours
I had an email response back
from the president of the company.
He gave me some tips to try to reset it
 but also said send me
the serial number on the back of the device
and your address
and I'll send you a new one.
I was stunned.
I don't know about you
but in my experience
customer service like that
is non-existent.
It shouldn't be but it is.
At least I thought it didn't exist.
But it does.
And that's why I'm writing this -
because it deserves a shout out.
Don't you think?
If you need a gift for your child,
or niece
or nephew
or to donate to your school of choice
to help little kids
{around ages 6 to 12}
learn their multiplication tables
look no further than the flash master.

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  1. Ok my twins are 13 and I am ordering this. They STILL need practice with simple math and I think they would see this more as a game than practice. Thanks for sharing!!! I had never heard of the Flash Master!


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