Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I went in for yellow pants...

 I promise I do more than shop.
It's true.
Although reading my blog
you may not think so.
But part of my "mom" job
is to stock up on stuff,
to make sure we have everything we need
for around the house and work and school
so in a way part of my job is to shop. :)
A funny aside...
last week I was filling out paperwork
for something.
I can't remember what.
My mind is a sieve you know. was for a new patient form.
I have to see an allergist today.
It came to the part about occupation.
I was stumped.
I hate don't like the phrase "stay at home mom."
Here's what I put...
"household engineer/domestic goddess/former chemist"
Is that wrong?
I'm sure they're going to ask me about that today.
Makes me sound intriguing though doesn't it?
Maybe just a little?
 Back to the pants story...
so last week
my youngest,
who is in kindergarten,
was learning all about
the age of Impressionism.
They talked about colors,
famous paintings,
and artists like Van Gogh and Degas.
Things like that.
As a part of this project
each child was assigned a color.
They then had to decorate a paper doll
totally in items that were their designated color.
And write a report
about their "color world"
where everything was their one color.
I know.
Its a lot for kindergarten isn't it?
My kid is just learning how to read.
We muddled through.
And then,
here's the kicker,
they had to dress up
from head to toe
in "their" color.
Do you see where I'm going with this?
What color did my son get assigned?
Ask me if we own anything yellow.
or socks,
or shoes.
Or anything?
And while yellow is a beautiful color
we just don't wear it.
Honestly I didn't know where to get any either.
And now ask yourselves...
do you really see yellow boys' clothes for sale?
Me neither.
What to do?
The clock was ticking.
I went to the internet for help.
I found some at the gap,
sold online only.
I paid express shipping
and ordered a pair.
I thought I was so cool.
Like I had found the holy yellow grail.
I was so excited when he got home
from school last Wednesday
to show him the head to toe yellow outfit
I'd found for him to wear.
My little guy...
well, he ain't so little anymore.
Like mother, like son I guess.
He, too, can't wear the "skinny fit"
{which is all they had in yellow}.
I was tempted to blow it all off.
We have a shirt with a bit of yellow.
Let's wear that and call it a day.
Apparently the hubs
thought I was being a bad mom.
He didn't want our guy to be
the only one not dressed up
in his special color.
I put the word out to my peeps
in an emergency email
asking them to scour around
for whatever they had in yellow.
My peep Laura came through
with some yellow swim trunks
and yellow shorts.
One little problem.
It was in the 30's on Friday
and I'm pretty sure
the school would have
reported me
had I not sent him dressed warmly in pants.
 The race was back on.
Back to the 'net I went.
I searched high and low.
And then...
{insert the sound of angels singing}
I found them...
at JC Penney for $11.
The sales lady thought I was nuts
with the wide goofy grin I had on my face.
Little things make me happy.
What can I say?
Well - it was the pants
I found on sale for $20.
In navy blue of course
for the family room reno.
Don't judge.
I HAD to get it...
JCP emailed me a coupon
for $10 off a $25 purchase.
Can you blame me?
It was a win-win.
Best money spent this winter too...
my kids wrap up in it every day now.
I'm going back for a couple more.
And I finally found the shoe rack
of my dreams for our coat closet.
I stumbled on it while looking at home stuff.
Best part?
It was on sale from $50 to $14.99.
{Sorry I didn't see it online to link to it.}
And if we're being completely honest
maybe I did get one little thing for me...

 joe fresh mandarin print shirt
But hear me out.
It was on sale for $20.
And it spoke to me
what with the navy blue
and the medallion print...

It reminds me of
for the kitchen.
Remember the medallion?
{The runner I bought is out of stock
but here's the  larger version ...}

And if you know anything about
how my mind works
then you'll know
that's how I justified it.
navy blue + medallion...
I call it kismet :)
{though my husband might call it a problem.}
And if that's so wrong I don't want to be right.

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