Monday, February 24, 2014

interesting reads

Last week I was able to grab dinner with a few girlfriends.
It's so sweet when that happens because it's so rare.
Another thing that is rare in my life
is free time for reading.
Well, other than blogs.
You know I'm addicted to blogs.
And coffee.
Best part of my day honestly
is when I sit with my coffee and read blogs.
That's my heaven on earth.
Here's three articles I read recently
that I thought you might like too...
If you're like me
and trying to figure out a new career
in the midst of motherhood
It clarified some things I'm struggling with.
That and also from zen habits
his post on

Speaking of business
this one on the WSJ
explains bit coin.
Kind of.
In case you had to google
what in the world bit coin is
you are not alone :)
What will people come up with next?
I'm hoping its the fountain of youth
in lotion or pill form
pretty please :)
that won't hurt you
in any way, shape or form.
A girl's gotta dream you know.

1 comment :

  1. Great post! I am having a hard time not "showing up for the money" right now. With two in college and another one starting in a little over a year, I don't feel like I have the luxury of changing jobs because its highly unlikely I can makes as much as I do in my current job. I don't dislike my job at all but feel like I can't explore other passions during this stage in my life. Or I guess you could say I'm too spoiled to give up my entire shopping budget to have a new job that pays less! It's all about priorities!


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