Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day!
I barely remembered that it was this week. 
Thankfully earlier this week
there was a message
on our answering machine
from a florist.
It said...
{Hi, Mr. XYZ...
you placed an order with us
last year and we just wanted to know
if you wanted to send another arrangement
for valentines day this year?
Call us back if you do."}
Very smart.
Except I of course heard the message first.
I told my husband
please do not waste money
ordering me any flowers.
Because while they are beautiful
and I appreciate them when he does
little things like that
after a day or so as
I watch them die
I admit that I think about
how many pillows or other things
I could have bought with that money.
Well, I didn't tell him about the pillow part
but you get my drift.
I know.
I'm not right.
And then he said the sweetest thing.
He said
I'm sorry you feel that way
I think its important to order you some.
I know you love me.
You don't need to send me flowers.
Get ready for this unexpected pearl of wisdom.
He said...
"I think its important for our boys
to see me give you presents and flowers."
My heart melted and grew in love a little more
right then with those words.
I'm a lucky girl.
{for the record I didn't let him order them
but rather I picked out some while at the grocery
yesterday where I also grabbed a sweet card for him :)}
In case you didn't get a chance to grab a card
here's a free printable
via beauty and bedlam
Don't you love that blog name?
I'm going to try to do one for the hubs
and for each of our guys.
And listen...maybe this year 
you may not have some body
to write that list to...
well you know what?
Write it about yourself.
That's right.
You've gotta love yourself first you know.
Took me a long time to realize that.
What ever you do today
do it with love.


  1. Oh man...choked up at another of your posts...LOVE your husband.

  2. Wow! What a man! Lucky you,lucky sons. JD

    1. We are definitely lucky and blessed that he is who he is and that he is "ours" :) Thanks for reading :)


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