Wednesday, February 5, 2014

overstock should hire me

I hope you're not tired
of yet ANOTHER
overstock post.
For the record
I promise
that I do
more in life
than just stalk
but when I saw this over on
this week
where she posted about
blue and white bistro chairs.
She listed some awesome choices.
But while reading her post
it reminded me of something...
While I could not have been a doctor
because my mind is a sieve
for most things in life -
 I have ump-teen notebooks
that I carry around to remember
what I need to do in a day -
my mind for some reason holds onto
tidbits about DIY and décor.
Like that I'd seen these at
Click here if you need a pair.
Its a good deal.
I think we could work together and be happy.
Call me.


  1. Tired of Overstock?! NEVER!!! I love Overstock so hard. And thank you for not only the amazing bistro chair find (which--by the way--I came SOOOO close to buying--like, they were in my shopping cart close to buying and then I remembered I bought a house and can't afford any furniture...silly me!), but also for the shout-out!!! Imma get you back, girl! ;-D Xoxo!!!

  2. I am an overstock addict. Every time I try to wean myself away, they send me an email offering me another discount. I always get what I buy within a couple of days.

  3. I love overstock for rugs, too. Great bistro chairs!

  4. Hi Nancy, Overstock would love to chat with you about your blog. Can you send an email to I'd like to set up a call with our team.
    Thank you,


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