Wednesday, February 26, 2014

photo dump

Just some randoms from my jaunts around town.
You know I have an iphone now
 and I'm not afraid to use it.
I am the crazy woman
that takes pictures
 in the middle of stores...
but seriously I only do it
when I see something
that reminds me
of friends.
Friends like you
who might love
or need things like these -
I mean
who doesn't love
starburst mirrors...
on clearance I might add...
Found these lovelies at Hobby Lobby.
Where I also spotted
these huge wooden monograms.
I think
for a kids' room
or maybe your front door?
Too bad they didn't have any letter I wanted.
Moving on I saw this boat
and thought of my friend Kelly...
whose boys love to fish
so I also took a picture of this...

while strangers gawked at me
and wondered
what's wrong with the lady
 photographing fish in aisle 10?
Still at HL I saw this fabric...

because it reminded me of Schumacher's
{a beautiful fabric that Mary Ann
introduced me to and I love!}
In case you like the knock off too
here's the label :)
also in case you're wondering
I do not hang out at Hobby Lobby every day.
My kids' teachers think I must though
since they keep assigning crazy projects
for which I am constantly
running to the craft store.
But while I was out anyway
I might have wandered over to JCPenney.
Oh yeah.
For ANOTHER school project.
Lucky for me Jonathan Adler's
happy chic line
was on the same floor
as the kids section :)
I'm hoping my friend Annette
will want to do her twin girls' room
in hot pink and orange
so that I can go buy this with her...

or they might prefer purple...
Either way I think his stuff is adorable.
And some of it was on clearance.

I also saw this shower curtain.
In navy blue and green...
my favorite color combo...

It reminded me of my friend Christine
from the blog Suburban Charm.
She made over her bath room
as a part of the One Room Challenge
and this reminded me of that.
So I took a picture :)
Not sure why.
Because she already bought one
but I did
so here it is :)
And of course navy + polka dots

that makes me have to stop and ponder
to see if I need whatever it is in my house.
You'd be proud.
I passed.
But that didn't stop me from looking.
Another thing that gets me is geometrics...
a close up for those with eyes like mine...

 and lastly...
Love me some lamps like these...
Don't you?
Especially at under $40.
Hope you enjoyed yet another random photo dump.
I'm sure I'll have more of where these came from to share soon.

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  1. Love that shower curtain! I am not thrilled with how my bathroom turned out, but it's better than it was and my kids like it (they are the one who have to use it). I am thinking navy walls with the shower curtain you just posted would have been better....oh well! Thanks for the shout out!!! xoxo


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