Monday, February 3, 2014


I don't know how many of you
watched the super bowl last night.
I personally am not into pro sports.
Just not a fan.
We had it on in the background.
Well, it was in my background.
The boys were all watching it intently.
When it came time for the half time show
I used it as a bribe to hurry them
through the bath time process for bed.
As in "if you hurry and get it done,
I'll let you continue to watch."
Its called the easy button.
I hit it whenever possible.
They took the bait
and after everyone was ready
we all got into our bed
watching as Bruno Mars rocked the house.
The boys loved it.
So did my husband.
He kept asking "who IS this guy?"
Which totally cracked my kids up.
That they knew who it was
and yet their dad did not.
Like they had something on him.
And then the chili peppers got on stage
and I had to come up with reasons
why they were without shirts on stage
in the middle of winter.
So I'm sitting there watching our guys
giggle and move to the beat.
And then it hit me.
Ten years ago
my husband and I
had the super bowl on tv in the background.
It was here in Houston that year.
The one where Justin and Janice performed.
We were still DINKs then...
as in
double income, no kids.
We were...
I don't know if the word to use here
is desperate,
or struggling,
or wishing,
or hoping,
or longing,
or dreaming,
of having kids.
It was all of the above actually.
We knew we'd have them.
We just didn't know how.
Because for us
it was not an easy path.
It was a struggle.
One that I know others have been through.
Each story is unique.
Each road one takes
on the road to parenthood
is paved differently.
With twists and turns and obstacles.
Just like life.
I said to my husband
{"do you realize its been ten years?"}
He was thinking the same thing.
Ten years since we went through
hell and high water,
on our rocky road to pregnancy
to get these little gems.
Ten years ago to the very weekend
I could never have imagined then
what life would be like today.
To witness this scene last night
of these little guys,
now not so little,
in the middle of their time with us -
I just felt so blessed.
Thankful that we didn't give up
even when it seemed like
our wishes might never come true.
So blessed that we didn't quit.

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