Monday, February 10, 2014

three of three

This is the last home we toured
in December while visiting
our dear friends in Palmetto Bluff.
I just saw on their real estate listings
that this is still available...
 not sure why the lighting
is so off in my pics...
technical difficulties.
Story of my life :)



My only complaint....
the sprayer is too close to the faucet.
You know that will get irritating
when you need to use the hot water...

Gotta love a coffee machine in the laundry.

A little office area slash mudroom.

I would put some doors on that cabinet
and use those cubbies for shoe storage.


love the inset area
for shampoos and such

love the floors don't you?

gotta love a fire pit...

This was probably my favorite
of the three we saw.
{You can see homes one and two
in case you missed it.}

Here's one of the open areas
with a community dock for fishing...

just beware of the alligators.

Think I'm kidding?

That ain't no dead log up above.
And I don't suggest this
but we took a closer look...

We were stupid.
Thankfully it was bored with us.

That was as close as we got.
Don't do that at home.

I'll leave you with some scenes
that sum up why
I'm always
in a southern state of mind...

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  1. I think this is my favorite too...I love the kitchen and the bathroom as well as the back yard patio area!


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