Sunday, February 2, 2014

two on the tour

This was the second of three homes
open on the tour last month.
This was a four bedroom
four and and a half bath home
tucked in the middle of the others.
If I'm not mistaken
its still available for purchase...
It was indeed J. Banks
who designed the interiors
of these homes...

I didn't get many pictures of this one...
there were a lot of visitors
and out of courtesy
I tried not to
photo bomb any one.

Well - I did get this lady.
Sorry about that.
Probably explains why
this one of the kitchen
is so fuzzy...

my ninja-like camera skills
are not what they used to be :)
Walking down the main hall
there was a pretty little sitting area outside.

I don't know about you
but I could sit out there
with a glass of sweet tea
and be as happy as a clam.


I wonder if these prints

Sorry to say that this is where we end
the tour of the second home...
this door leads to the garage
and we exited the building
to the next house
at this point.
More {and better} photos
of the next house...
I promise.

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