Wednesday, March 26, 2014

another obsession...

I think we can say its official.
I'm clearly obsessed with is stripes.
And bedding.
Because I ordered another set.
But at least its not for me personally.
Its for my littlest little.
I've always had this vision of
Serena and Lily's "Ronan" bedding for his room.


but I already had the knock off version
of the navy and white striped duvet
in the twins room.
See what I mean about obsession?
So of course when I stumbled upon this...

I bookmarked it quickly as a favorite.
Because I was really looking
for a king sized quilt
But I kept thinking about it.
I mean seriously.
Its my favorite color combination
apple green + navy.
And its striped.
And its a set...even better.
You get the quilt and the pillow sham.
You know I was going to be a bulldawg with a bone
until I could figure out where this could work in our house.
And then it went on sale.
From $69.99 to $50.
And then I found a $10 coupon.
Plus free shipping.
Plus if it doesn't work I'll just
take it back to my closest Target.
Its a win-win.
How could I resist?

1 comment :

  1. You go girl! I love stripes too. It seems like they are showing a lot of stripes in the Spring fashion as well.


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