Saturday, March 8, 2014

blogger tutorial...DIY cheese platter

I about fell out when I stumbled onto this tutorial.
Its for a cheese platter.
Stay with me.
I remember first swooning over this type of platter
after seeing one in Joni Webb's kitchen
hers says "pure butter"

I love her blog.
Don't you?
Its one of the first I ever read.
I love her stories
and the pictures she uses are pure eye candy.
She cracks me up when she describes
driving by homes, trying to see inside
or how she stalks designers in our 'hood
like Sally Wheat.
I like the way she rolls :)
I may have stalked Joni's house.
You know.
Just to see if I could catch her outside
watering her flowers or something.
So that we could chat design.
And I could volunteer to work for her.
For free.
Back to the platter...
Joni shares source info
for similar ones on her website.
{Scroll down looking on the left sidebar}
 In case you don't have or want to
spend over $150 on one
then today is your lucky day.
I stumbled onto this crazy easy tutorial on
a new to me favorite blog...
could easily be tweaked to make
a "pure butter" one like in Joni's kitchen.
Adding this to my never ending list :)

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