Friday, March 14, 2014

house in the 'hood

 Herewith my favorite house in the 'hood of the week...
I'm not usually a fan of stairwells in the entry
but this one has me changing my mind...
looking back the other way...
 Let me be quiet and just let you enjoy...

Who's ready to move in besides me?
Little hitch in our giddy-up though.
It's sale pending.
They go quickly here...usually within the first week.
We were talking to a guy last week
who is trying to find a house in our 'hood.
He said they put in an offer
and were told they were the 26th offer!!!!
That's how hot the market is here.
Makes me happy because there's so much to watch.
I stalk real estate in the 'hood you know.
On the net and in person.
Which is how we ended up talking to a builder last week.
After I drove by and saw an empty corner lot.
Which is becoming a rarity in the 'hood.
Of course it already sold...but we got on the builder's list.
Remind me to tell you the full story...
{all images via my favorite}


  1. This house wants me to move back to Texas. Is it in the Memorial area? If I were the seller, I would be crying my eyes out. My Mister would be happy because I'm sure they are making bucketloads of $$ on it! Have a wonderful weekend, Nancy!

  2. Did you know you have to type in 12 random numbers to leave a message?? A pain. but I love you.


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