Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm back!!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts.
You know something is up when that happens.
The boys are out for spring break this week.
We're squeezing a lot in...
think dentist appointments,
cleaning the cars,
Oh and a trip to Sea World.
Except I was sick the whole trip.
More {or less} about that soon.
On the drive to San Antonio
I gathered the stack of magazines and catalogs :)
that have been forming a mountain
on my bedside table
and for three glorious hours
I entered my zen world of reading and dreaming about décor.
A little slice of heaven while traveling 70mph.
In between hurling snacks, water, and books
at various kids beckoning from the back seat.
One magazine I managed to read between requests
was the latest issue of Coastal Living.
Love that magazine.
Don't you?
When I saw this inside its pages I just grinned from ear to ear...
See that sand dollar picture?
Let me tell you a little story about why it made me smile...
Last week before we left for SA
I got an email coupon from overstock for 15%.
So of course I looked over my to-do lists
to see if I "needed" anything.
I had in mind to buy another one of these...

which was my husband's thought
when he saw the first one hung on the wall.
He liked it so much
he suggested we order another one.
At first I laughed it off.
Then I saw this picture

House Tour at Scout and Nimble - love the colorful decor and those gorgeous wood beams
via scout and nimble
and teased y'all with it
because I was seriously considering it.
But then when I told the hubs
I was ready to purchase a second one
he said this...
"do you think it will look like two owl's eyes on the wall?"
He ruined it for me.
Back to square one.
You might remember that
I had it my head to use some shell art
from THE most awesome,
if you've never explored it then
what have you been waiting for?-
go right now - this minute to biodiversity's flickr account
and be prepared to be dazzled by the eye candy.
I will one day do that project but until then
I plan to put use this set of beachy keen art pieces...


on this wall
around the mirror...
I purchased the four shell pieces above
but they have a few more...


I debated buying just the prints
and framing them myself with IKEA Ribba frames
but in the end I pushed the easy button
{and my click through email coupon}
and bought them already framed.
These same pieces are available elsewhere like Wayfair
but if you want to save money
{and who doesn't?}
then you can score them at overstock.
You're welcome :)
They're on route for delivery as we speak.
I cant wait to get these lovelies on the wall.
Stay tuned :)


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