Tuesday, March 4, 2014

look for less...dining chairs

Let's keep playing the "high vs my" game shall we?

Beautiful right?
I saw this pair of chairs
{for $849}
via OKL.
They looked familiar.
Sure enough...
 now mind you
these aren't an exact match but
if you like the look of the chairs above
but not the price
you can order two of these
They're only $246 each
{plus $2.95 shipping}.
Add some nail head trim yourself and call it day!
Just fyi...these chairs also come in gray here.
No time to add your own nail head?
You might like this linen chair then
You get a pair for $400.
Slightly different base
and nail head trim only around the seat
but for half the price -
I'd take 'em.
Need more nail head trim you say?
Redford Dining Chair - Stone Wash Light Grey

Still a cost savings winner at $213 each.
You're welcome :)

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