Friday, March 28, 2014

project paint island DONE!

It only took me eight months to do this project.
Why so long?
Take your pick:

1. I couldn't decide on a color.
I'm a Libra.
Go figure.
2. I didn't want to hire painters to come back into my house.
I like the contractor we used for the kitchen reno
but his painters, one in particular, creeped me out.
Yes, I know, I could have
and probably should have
said something to his boss.
But then the paranoid person that lives inside me
thought maybe the boss would tell him what I said
and then you'd see my story one night on Nancy Grace.
After he you back at me for reporting him.
So I decided I would do it myself.
Which leads me to...
3. I was intimidated by using oil paint.
Stop laughing.
Give me latex paint any day.
But for some reason oil based paint scares me.
And yes I am a chemist.
Which is why I don't like have solvents around the house.
I just don't.
Because I want to dispose of them the right way.
Which can be a pain.
If you don't have a recycling place near you.
Thankfully we do.
So finally I did it.
I'm sure you're glad you don't have to read me
say one more time
 that I'm "about to buy the paint"
or "I just have to paint the island."
I tell you what spurred me into getting off my duff
and conquering this paint project...
She not only used the same paint color I did
{BM Graphite}
but she gave lots of handy tips like taping off
door hinges rather than take the doors off.
 I was inspired and now am thankful that its done.

By the way...
I had a hard time find the metallic spray paint
that I had researched and planned to use
on the cabinet hardware for the island.
In the end I just wanted this project done
{and I'm sure you feel the same way :)}
so I bought this product
at my local hardware store instead...

I did a couple of coats and voila!
Here's the end product...
I'm hoping that over time
the finish will dull down

 to better match the Hicks pendants.
Or I might just buy some brass knobs :)
Going to Round Top next week
and you never know what you'll find there :)


You might giggle when I tell you
that I am now obsessed with painting.
I spent all day yesterday taping off baseboards.
My plan for today is to paint them all :)
{then hopefully write a kitchen reno summary}
Wish me luck!
Enjoy your day!


I saw a "best of the nest" link party
where you can submit a link
to your best project from March.
I linked to this one :)
Click over to submit your own
or just to find new to you blogs...
I added a bunch of new ones to my side bar.
I love finding new inspiration don't you?


  1. I absolutely love this island, the Hicks pendants, your gold knobs..honestly fantastic! Ive never heard of Round Top til lately and can't wait to see your pictures! Have fun painting and it is WELL worth the effort! Have a great weekend. xo Nancy

  2. Your island looks so beautiful - Graphite is one of my favorite cabinet colors! And I'm drooling over those Hicks Pendants - I need those in my life! Thanks so much for linking up to Best of the Nest!

  3. Your kitchen looks beautiful! The pendant lights are gorgeous, and your island turned out fantastic. Great job!

  4. It's beautiful! Good job!
    I know...painting is addictive.

  5. It looks great!!! Love it. I hate having workers in my house. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  6. Brilliant idea to paint the knobs! It looks fantastic!

  7. Very nice, I think your painting is just wonderful it really is amazing what paint can do! I'm afraid of oil base paint

  8. Hi: I just came over from Powell Brower where I saw your comment about your island and painting it graphite! I am considering doing this too and am frozen!!! Yikes. All our cabinets are white, as is the island. It has dark granite and a stove top. But the walls in our kitchen (and in a lot of the house) are light gray, with a pale yellow ceiling, and med. yellow in the breakfast area. Anyway….. your island looks fabulous! So tell me: are you still happy with it? And did you use oil paint? Would love to hear more, and I'll look around here some more. Thanks!!!


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