Friday, March 14, 2014

thrift store finds

 Every so often
I stop by to check out my favorite thrift shop.
Really its every time I go to HomeGoods.
But hey, its on the way.
How can I not stop?
If you're in Houston
this is by far
the best thrift shop around.
Its close to River Oaks if that tells you any thing.
Think of it as the place
where {some} millionaires bring their cast offs.
That's my advice for wherever you live...
go to the nicest neighborhood
then look around for a thrift shop.
You're sure to score.
Herewith my favorite finds....
I can't remember if I took this picture
because of the huge dough like bowl trough
or the altar beneath it...

I'd take either if I had the room.
And I really loved this abacus...
I considered getting it for the boys room
but I was afraid of lead paint.
I'm paranoid what can I say?
Speaking of paint
in person this green paint
on this old timey cabinet
really popped.

And yes even though I scored
a green scale from Round Top
courtesy of my running peeps
who I put an alert out with
I'm still a fan...

I'm a sucker for chairs too.
But you already knew that I'm sure
from all the recent "high versus my" posts.

And this lamp.
It had me at chippy green paint.
Kicking myself that I didn't get it for Zb's room.
Maybe I should back today?
You know.
Just to see what's in store?
 I'll let you know what I find :)

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